Welcome to Cryptic Escape Magazine!  We are an online Science-Fiction and Horror Magazine that seeks to help aspiring writers of our favorite genre break into the field!  We are a non-profit paying magazine and we will pay you for your work. We make our money in an attempt to break even through administrative fees.  We have NO advertising, we accept NO donations, we are solely funded by Patreon account .  Our intent is not to make money but to help you and other writers build a community of a decadent genre which we will bring life (or unlife if you will) back into our beloved bogeymen, slashers, ghosts, werewolves, psychos, zombies, aliens, and vampires.

WARNING:  This Site is Intended for Mature Audiences!

We are lead by writer, activist, and public speaker Hixson Hammer.  We have a staff of talented authors, contributors, community organizers, and readers all ready to do what we love best.  To thrill you, scare you, and most of all (or the very least) entertain you.

Now a word from Hixson Hammer:  Play the song!

“Do you recall the golden age of radio?  When you would sit with your family at night in the dark with but a single candle to light the living room or perhaps it was a fireplace and you would all gather around the radio and listen for your favorite radio program to come on?  Or perhaps you are all too young to know this feeling.  The feeling of when the era of when your imagination was truly the theater of the psyche.  Sometimes you laughed, sometimes you cried, other times you hid behind the couch in terror.  Cryptic Escape Magazine seeks to bring back those days of where you literally lived in the dimension of ultra reality that is your mind. All we ask is that you respect the handwork of our writers and contributors and not steal or profit from their blood sweat and tears.  If you wish to write for us, you may just submit to us.  You may keep everything you find here but you may not use it for commercial gain.”

“Television, radio, authors, and even Hollywood have fallen into the abyss, the rise of the internet is imminent. In fact, persistently it is already here.  As you sit there in your chair, or perhaps you are looking at this over your mobile while you’re driving (naughty! naughty!), or perhaps you’re even at the edge of your bed lying down tediously looking at these words hoping for something new to give you those chills of excitement that you have not felt since your childhood.  You, right this very moment, may not realize this but the golden age of the internet is just beginning!”

“Not just the golden age of the internet but a new golden age of mankind.  The global awakening is happening.  Deep down you know there is a quickening of cultures, technology, knowledge, and the human spirit.  Everyone feels it whether they want to admit it or not.  Here in the coming years, you are going to see the face of this planet, Terra Firma shakes from the human giant awakening from his slumber to break free from his bonds.  The sinews of his muscles built by the imagination and willpower of you and others like you.”

“What brought you to us?  Was it boredom?  Indifference? Randomness?  Coincidence?  Think about it.  Understand that you are looking over a cliff into a fathomless abyss.  Then look up and see the light.  There are such choices that lead you to deepest darkest unspeakable’s and then there is salvations and glory.  We all have talents.  We all have worth.  Above all more than most, we all have choices.”

“No one told you to come.  No one is telling you to stay.  But you will.  Because you need to.  You need that something more that you can’t find in school.  You need that something more that you can’t find in church.  You need that something more that only you can provide.  We are unpretentiously here only to help.”

“Only you and the creator of this universe can open those gates of the great beyond.  No one will do it for you but everyone will in deed try to keep those gates closed to you.  Seeking to ensnare you in a mire of mindlessness and futile regret, your masters and owners simply need to only give a slight tug on your leash and back into selfishness you will find thyself.”

“Your chains are heavy but we are here to help you carry them.  The slavery of the mind is the most heinous of sins and you have to ask yourself, how did your chains become so heavy?  Work, school, debt, and mass media has placed this prison around you.  A chain is just another word for the conglomerate, group, syndicate, and trust.  These are the new chains of slavery and you did not even notice.”

“Notice now and abandon them!”

“You are free!”

“In an effort to herald in this new golden age all of the content you see here will be ad free.  There will be no subscription to his magazine.  There will be no profit to be made by this website.  The only profit we seek is the enrichment of your light.  There will be audio mixed with text and visual pictures to enhance your experience.  You will fall deep into our eternal embrace and you will lose your imagination to us.”

“Veritably it already permeates with us. If you have fully given your full immersion you would have felt the chilling words of our calling to you. If you read this with distraction then it is you whom I was not speaking to.  But the effort is never wasted for these words are scribed here and will be here when you are ready.”

“In this modern…tomb of knowledge you will explore the crypts of your imagination you will find vast fathoms of knowledge from generations long past and even the holographic interface of the future will meet in this one place.  News, politics, science-fiction, pop culture, paranormal, occult knowledge, suspense, terror, love, lectures, and presentations all reside here in the collision of time and space are known as your Cryptic Escape!”

-Hixson Hammer

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