The Devil Rides Out (1968 Hammer Film)


The Devil Rides Out (also known as The Devil’s Bride) is a 1968 horror film, based on the 1934 book of the same name by Dennis Wheatley. The movie was written by Richard Matheson and directed by Terence Fisher. The film stars acting greats  Christopher Lee, Charles Gray, Niké Arrighi, Leon Greene and Patrick Mower.

The story beings in 1929 London where we find Nicholas, Duc de Richlea (Christopher Lee), is visiting his friend, Simon Aron (Patrick Mower).  Simon’s house is filled with gothic imagery and esoteric markings complete with your pentagrams.  Nicholas quickly figures out that his good friend Simon has involved himself with occultic powers.  Nicholas and another accomplice, Rex Van Ryn (Leon Greene), make an attempt to rescue Simon and another young occultist, Tanith (Niké Arrighi), from a insane satan worshiping cult.  Baphomet appears during the ceremony to scare the shit out of you so keep an eye out for that.

Do they escape?  And if so is that the end??  Of course not!  This film is bad ass and I want to give much more of it away but if you’re into deep a rich story, fantastic visuals, stellar cast, and a movie that is scary as hell then ride out with us and join us for The Devi Rides Out!

Note:  D.H. made me write a history for the film blah.  Here it goes, but just watch the film!!!

The film was first brought up to Hammer Film Productions in 1963, however there were severe censorship worries of the subject of Satanism.  After a few years the tension on the subject had eased a little and horror movie makers all over the world were able to tap into a new horror subject.  Devil Rides Out was no exception and in August of 1967 production on this fantastic film began.  Out of all of his work, Christopher Lee claims that this has been his absolute favorite film would have loved to have seen it remade with modern day special effects!

History over!

Draw a pentagram and paint your walls red!  You are in for a huge treat as we present to you through the wonders of YouTube, The Devil Rides Out!

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