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In an attempt to bring quality articles, stories, and just plain weird stuff to our readers we want to make sure we are doing the best job we can.  We had a very successful October and it was a lot of fun.  Thank you all for watching the movies we selected for you and we hope to continue releasing crisp and exciting articles and other content to help you escape the confines of reality on a day to day basis.

To provide this quality programming we’re going to be utilizing what we call publishing phases.  The reason being so you can know when to expect new and exciting content rather than “simply checking” every single day.  The easiest way to keep in touch with our content is via our Facebook page when you can click to the right to view.

Each publishing phase will last one week starting every Monday.  Phase one of every month (the first week) will be devoted to research, development, reading submissions, securing interviews, and personal projects (how we keep the lights on).  Phase Two (second week) will be a almost daily dump of content which resulted from the previous weeks efforts.  Phase Three (third week) will again be devoted to R&D, reading more submissions, sending out paychecks, editing interviews, and more personal projects.  Phase Four (Fourth week) will be another almost daily excursion into the unknown and exciting.

Also, there have been a quite a few emails regarding future movies.  October was a special occasion due to the nature of Halloween and the horror genre.  However, due to the success of the drive-in movie style we were trying to recreate here we will have a movie posted every Saturday night.  However, we do not guarantee the quality of the movie due to the strict copyrights of various agencies.  We at Cryptic Escape Magazine fully support various copyrights but we do use the movies through fair use in an attempt to educate our readers about the rich history of these movies and only seek to expand their knowledge and encourage them to buy the films, books, music, television series, short stories, that we discuss in our publication.  We do not profit from these movies.

Also on Saturday nights you are free to join us live in game.  The Secret World is a game that fits the genre’s that we discuss here and is a way for us to keep in touch with all of our readers and interact in a fun and supportive environment.  If you wish to join our guild message us at Cryptic-Escape.  We’ll be glad to have you there and it will give you a chance to socialize with people of similar interests while engaging in an atmosphere related to our interests.

Until we get more staff and writers we hope this strategy helps provide the best quality over quantity.  Every article, story, and movie should have that extra polish and shine that you our dear adventurer deserve.  You deserve only the best and we will continue to try our best to thrill you, scare you, chase you, stalk you, and just plain entertain you to the best our abilities!

Thank you so much for your support!


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