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Hello everyone D.H. Hammer here and I just wanted to let everyone know what we’ve been up to this past few months.  It’s been very busy here to say the least.  However, things are very exciting as we move forward into this year!

We’ve been reading lots of submissions and have a whole wave of content all ready to launch.  Independent work aside from my own to give variety and we’re also a full fledged literary agency now.  This move is to further help authors not just get a simple paycheck but to get a book deal of their own one day!

Also we’re getting ready to move to a bigger office so we can better coordinate all of our efforts and hard work.  The wife and I, along with our staff, are very excited to see all of the talent that is just waiting to hit the mainstream.

Stay tuned in the following months as we make changes to our formats, submissions guidelines, and we’ll even upload pictures of our new office headquarters and give you live updates via our Facebook feed.

Thank you all for your support.  We spend hours reading everything you send, even if it sucks, we owe it to you to at least read it and give you advice and we hope to see your name on the cover of your own book one day!

Also we have heard you!  We will be bringing back the Drive In features, people were actually very interested in the history and the back story of the movies we were showing.  We had no idea how interested you were and you can expect to see more of those!

YouTube permitting of course.  <.<

Also you will be seeing products that we have intended to release for a long time. However, I am super picky and I have to have things perfect before I release it.  We will have artwork, local writers and authors, out reach for independent projects, and a whole lot more!

Until then enjoy Cryptic Escape Magazine past, present, and the near future!

D.H. Hammer

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