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Ever wonder what it was like to sit in your living room and listen to legendary dramas acted out in the theater of the mind?  Starring the talents of Vincent Price, Alfred Hitchcock, Arch Oboler and many others.  These voices that used to creep into our psyche at night while we all would sit and listen as a family and wonder the cosmic wonder.  Feel the chill of spine tingling horror.

Cryptic Escape has spent many long hours studying and researching with the Library of Congress to provide information on the copyrights of many of these valuable gems from the Golden Age of imagination.  Through our research we have found literally thousands of public domain wonders to entice you into fantastical wonder!

We now have a vast library of these old-time radio dramas.  Everything from thrillers, noir, science fiction, fantasy, horror and even super heroes.  We have so much content in this project that it is mind numbing and almost intimidating for us.  But the temptation of sharing cosmic wonders and immortal tales of terror was just too tempting and so we have to share it with you!

It has always been a desire to bring back the age of radio drama to this website.  We have always loved the intense theatrics that used to play out on our radio waves.  From alien invasions to occultic mysteries we used to sit by and let our imaginations perform for us on a nightly occurrence.

We bring these hand selected dramas to you for FREE and as just an added benefit for being a loyal reader and supporter of our website and for that we are forever grateful.  Not only are these free for you but these are public domain treasures so you can download them for your own personal collection or to share with anyone you wish.

And we hope you do!  The domain of the public is all we have left to keep ideas free-flowing and out of the clutches of greedy corporate copy right laws that drown and stagnate the ideas of civilization.  It’s pretty bad that you can’t go on YouTube and simply watch anything without someone screaming copyright infringement over every tiny detail.  Or blurring out the emblem on a car in a television show and on t-shirts.

Current copyright laws have grown into such an all encompassing beast that any type of free thought will be quickly snatched up, stolen, and frozen.  This is why Cryptic Escape will always be willing to fight for reasonable copyright laws, public domain, and the exchange of free thought and speech.

So join us nightly as we bring you the best of these remastered and truly awesome radio dramas.  Starting tonight and every night we will bring you episodes through the magic of the internet!

Be ready to be confounded with wonders and horrors that you have never heard before!

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