What’s up with the Internets?!


Dear Cryptic Escape Subscribers and fellow travelers through imagination. 

Firstly I want to thank you all for your support and your readership.  Thus, I owe it to you let you know what has been going on here at Cryptic Escape Magazine.  Unfortunately it appears that we have not been very active and…regrettably it’s true but not by choice.

At Cryptic Escape we’ve still been working behind the scenes on projects that are in our control.  Such as submissions, working with authors, creating videos and presentations for our clients.  However; my first real love is CrypticEscape.com, the magazine that started it all several years ago and I’ve been frustrated that we’re at the mercy of our….

*Dramatic pause*

Internet service provider!  Yes that’s right, at our headquarters we have been without sufficient internet to provide even the basic service.  Our ISP was supposed to have the issues fixed weeks ago….and they have yet to show up.

We have been on the phone, escalated tickets multiple times, talked with supervisors, and now we have involved an attorney to pursue our ISP for breach of service.  Our website does so much more than just post Old Time Radio, movie reviews, and etc…we have an entire list of services that we provide to clients.  Due to our ISPs inept ability to provide anything faster than dial-up for the entire month of June we can not provide these services as quickly as we would like to.

We are aware that some of our old time video episodes are only a few minutes in length, reason for that is because our internet connection drops out every time we actually use our internet.  This has been an ongoing issue all month long and I do not have any more faith in our ISP.

Why don’t we get another ISP?

We have tried, unfortunately Windstream is the ONLY provider of internet where we live and we have come to find out they have a long history of providing basically no service.

So what are we doing about it?

At this moment we are looking at relocating our headquarters to a more central office in historic Down Town Dalton, GA.  We are already in talks to procure the appropriate office space with reliable internet.  We also are going to continue our lawsuit against Windstream (most likely an arbitration that will be settled out of court I have been assured.)

So in the mean time we will be going to Starbucks and using their internet to at least provide some measure of service to everyone we can.  We are aware of the issues and will keep at it diligently!

You can still send your submissions to makeyourcrypticescape@gmail.com.  🙂

Again, thank you so much for your years of support!  We love you all!

God Bless!

-Hixson Hammer

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