Deckard Drejo – The Preacher (A Fallout 4 Build)


Deckard Drejo was physically leveled and tested from level 1-50 for balanced play action.  He took approximately 20 hours to grow and enjoyed quick leveling.  This build utilizes a high luck-high charisma build with an emphasis on crits and shotguns for insane maximum damage.  Derkard utilizes the pastor’s vestments and sided with the railroad early on to learn ballistic weave.   Enjoy the deck!



Deckard was an aspiring Preacher during the war.  He was the chaplain of his military unit and was stationed in Alaska during the campaign.  However, after seeing years of conflict and death, watching soldiers die and delivered to their lord. Deckard became less of a believer and more of a doubter.

Why would God allow such senseless death?

Deckard left the service and finally settled down with his wife in Sanctuary Hills.  Things seemed great for a time but he couldn’t help be feel he was going against God’s plan for him.  However; he would ignore these feelings and continue to question his faith at every instant.

Then the bombs fell.

Deckard awoke from Vault 111 and stepped out into the wasteland that was formerly the Commonwealth and there, over looking Boston from that cliff over Sanctuary he finally understood God’s plan.

With a loaded Shotgun, Deckard, would be the voice of Salvation and the loud boom of his boomstick would be the redemption this land of unbelievers would come to know.   God had saved him from the war because he knew his Light would be needed in this dark future.

To give hope and and love to a world that burned them away centuries ago.


So you decided to pick up the shotgun and bring salvation to the Wasteland.  Good choice.  Now this build might seem slow at first but it’s a ruse.  By level 4 or 5 you will be almost racing through the wasteland destroying fools with your mix of never ending criticals with a shot gun.  You will be able to stand your ground and take out three death claws easily with only your trigger finger.

The pros of this deck are extremely HIGH damage with maximum prejudice at all times.   The Preacher also levels very fast as he is able to clear out missions quickly and rack up XP with idiot savant.

The cons are he is a short range fighter.  Don’t let this scare you though, he packs enough fire power to end threats quickly and loudly.  Also, the preacher has to rely on companions for lock-picking and hacking.

Essential SPECIAL. Charisma & Luck.  Make sure you use your Special book on Charisma and max out luck.  This is a representation of his standing with the Lord.



  • Strength – 3
  • Perception – 2
  • Endurance – 3
  • Charisma – 6 + S
  • Intelligence – 3
  • Agility – 1
  • Luck – 10


Idiot Savant–  This will help you level fast.

Ricochet–  The sooner you get this perk the better.  Reason being is you’ll see it proc more often and you can role play that you’re protected by Divine intervention.

Rifleman–  The primary damage perk you will be focusing on.  This will really cause your shot gun to amp up the damage output.

Scrounger–  Shotgun shells are hard to find and they burn fast when you’re waylaid by enemies.  This perk will help relieve you of that burden.

Gun Nut–  Keeping your shotgun upgraded will make sure that you have the biggest stick in the fight.

Armorer–  You will need this to upgrade the pastor’s vestments once you learn how to use Ballistic Weave from the Rail Road.

VANS– God likes to show you where you’re going.

Four Leaf Clover – Once you start grabbing the Luck perks you’re going to see things get really crazy.  This perk will help you stand still and basically crit over and over again quite frequently.

Grim Reaper’s Sprint – One of the drawbacks of using the shotgun is they take a lot of action points.  This will help keep you in the action.

Critical Banker– Oh yeah baby.  With Four Leaf Clover & Grim Reaper’s Sprint you’ll be able to basically stand still and crit over and over again (eventually) and clear entire rooms with your boom stick.

Better Criticals – At about level 20 you should be starting to encounter a bit more tougher enemies.  Simple solution to that is adding this perk.  Eventually you become a one shot death machine of redemption.

Medic-Trust- me, you’ll need this especially for those moments you’re caught off guard or low on AP.

Inspirational-As a preacher it makes sense that you will develop a sort of following.  And since you have to rely on companions for lock-picking and hacking anyway you might as well make them stronger.



  1. ——————–
  2. Idiot Savant
  3. Ricochet
  4. Rifleman
  5. Scrounger
  6. Gun Nut
  7. Scrounger
  8. Armorer
  9. Rifleman
  10. VANS
  11. Idiot Savant
  12. Four Leaf Clover
  13. Gun Nut
  14. Armorer
  15. Four Leaf Clover
  16. Grim Reaper’s Sprint
  17. Critical Banker
  18. Rifleman
  19. Grim Reaper’s Sprint
  20. Critical Banker
  21. Better Criticals
  22. Better Criticals
  23. Medic
  24. Scrounger
  25. Gun Nut
  26. Armorer
  27. Medic
  28. Charisma +1
  29. Ricochet
  30. Medic
  31. Rifleman
  32. Four Leaf Clover
  33. Charisma +1
  34. Idiot Savant
  35. Inspirational
  36. VANS
  37. Scrounger
  38. Inspirational
  39. Gun Nut
  40. Armorer
  41. Better Criticals
  42. Life Giver
  43. Critical Banker
  44. Inspirational
  45. Life Giver
  46. Rifleman
  47. Grim Reaper’s Sprint
  48. Four Leaf Clover
  49. Save Perk Point
  50. Ricochet & Critical Banker



  • Pastor’s Vestments – Team with Rail Road as soon as you can and just long enough so you can reinforce these vestments with Ballistic Weave.


  • Le Fusil Terribles
  • Justice

Bobble Heads

  • Charisma
  • Medicine
  • Speech


  • Guns & Bullets #1-10
  • Live & Love #1-9
  • Massachusetts Surgical Journal #1-9
  • Scav #1


Piper- Gift of Gab.  When you have Idiot Savant this will help a lot with leveling.

Preston Garvey – United We Stand.  You’ll need this for defense.

Cait- Trigger Rush.  This perk will help you with your Action Points.

Danse-Know Your Enemy.  Being a servant of the Lord, destroying Unholy things will be tantamount.



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