C E Literary


dsc_8147C E Literary is the Literary branch to C E Publications.  Wesley and Emily Lovecraft (Yes that’s our real last name) are a team who’s interested in helping new writer’s break into the writing industry.  Specifically we are looking for NEW authors. Preferably located in the Northwest Georgia area.

However, if you’re not from NW Georgia or you’ve been published before, this is not a deal breaker!

We represent young adult, new adult thriller, suspense, horror, fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, and magical realism.  We’re kinda picky about romance but if it’s good we are not opposed to it.

We are interested in short stories and novel-length works!

Please no poetry or erotica please.

What do we want from you?  To query us, writers should send their queries to makeyourcrypticescape@gmail.com.  Please put “Query Letter” in the subject line so it does not get lost or over looked.

Your query letter should entail a one or two page synopsis and the first ten pages of your work to be included in the body.  Please include your biography and contact information.

If you prefer, you may mail your query letter to:

C E Literary
P.O. BOX 6358
DALTON, GA 30722

Do we charge a reading fee?  No. Never.

Do we charge marketing fees?  Nope.

What fee’s do you charge?  We only bill postage, paper, and ink costs.  Telephone costs (If any).

What is your commission?  15%

I really really want a book and I don’t want to wait for a publisher.  Can you help me self-publish?  Yes.  But we don’t advise it.  Self-published books only sell about 10 copies a year on average.  Until the technology catches up with the price of printing (it’s getting closer every year) you’re only throwing your money away.  But if you really want it that bad we will help you.

Do you help edit manuscripts and find artists?  Yes, we can help you find an editor and a artist if you require it.

Can I use .PDF or Word when submitting a manuscript?  Yes.

Are you currently accepting submissions?  Yes!