Cryptic Adventures


Dungeons & Dragons have hit the mainstream and it has hit it hard.  From a complex stress inducing game of the seventies for power hungry nerds, it has evolved into an easy to pick up and play the game of imagination.  We’ve always had a love for D&D and have played it since the first edition and finally, after over 30 years we feel the game has hit a stride between rules and imagination. 

We’re not poo-pooing other games such as Pathfinder, Starfinder, or the previous editions of D&D (except for 4th, nuke it from orbit) and in time we’ll start hosting games for those as well.  In the mean time, we have chosen Dungeons & Dragons 5e as our flagship for this new project.  Reason being in the ease at which we can pick up and play adventures and convert them literally in just a few minutes.  We anticipate it to be a ton of fun.

We’ll be adventuring in Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, and our own Homebrew Legend’s Fall and Shadows Over Alexandria.  We will also play various published adventures at your request.  We have an eager staff of contributors biting at the bit to play.  We’ll play of course and then we’re going to post the story of what happened here for you to read and even comment on and give advice or what you would like to see.

Cryptic Adventures is another exciting branch of Cryptic Escape that we’re proud to say was along time coming and it is finally here.  We hope you enjoy the content and participate as much as you can.  Eventually, we will be live streaming our sessions as soon as we find the appropriate office space and have it decorated with the appropriate swag.

Thank you for your many years of support!

-Hixson Hammer

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