Fallout 4 Decks & Builds



The Fallout franchise has taken the world by storm.  This popular and creative property has inspired everything from cosplay to fan-fiction from all over the world.  There are countless Facebook and twitter feeds surrounding the Fallout universe and it is something we get asked about quite often.

The Fallout franchise is about the most fun you can have in a Fandom.  It has everything from science fiction, pop-culture, humor, and of course ultra-violent blood and gore.  The Wasteland has arrived here and Cryptic Escape!

We have a video feed of our own of Fallout 4 where we chronicle the adventures of Captain Atom throughout the post apocalyptic Commonwealth.  Also we are playing through our own builds and decks which we will share here in detail for you to read and guide you through level by level as to how you should build for that current theme.


Thank you to Bethesda for doing something special to the Fallout franchise and we’re here to help you along!