The Great Game (Season One) – Conan Exiles – January 18th through April 1st

…He dwells on a great mountain. What use to call on him? Little he cares if men live or die. Better to be silent than to call his attention to you; he will send you dooms, not fortune! He is grim and loveless, but at birth he breathes power to strive and slay into a man’s soul. What else shall men ask of the gods?

Queen of the Black Coast by Robert E. Howard

The Great Game

Season One:  January 18th through April 1st

Welcome to the Great Game exile.  Crom has seen your worth from high atop his mountain and has seen fit to test your will and strength in the land of exiles.  Pulled from your worthless existence, your memories wiped you are left cold, destitute, and hungry in the wasteland.

Crom seeks a champion to lessen the grip of his eternal boredom.  It is now up to you to slay, destroy, and pillage for the amusement of Crom.  On the server, you will be allowed to team up with one other person.  Choose your teammate wisely!

The Rules!

Harvest rates are triple.

Experience gain from all sources is triple (except crafting).

Player vs. Player is always active.

Building damage is always active.

No foundation spamming or super gigantic megabases intentionally designed to crash the server.  These will be demolished immediately and without warning.

No blocking vital resources or quest locations, these will be dismantled without warning.

The Score

At the end of the season, Crom will determine a champion of first, second, and third place. Crom will watch the realm with a keen eye and be on the lookout for cowardice.

Battle, base score, raiding, death and destruction all pleases Crom!  Be a coward at your own peril for Crom cares not for the weak.  A great score will be kept for all players and will determine who the winners will be.  Keep your trophies so Crom can see your valiant conquests!

Crom has personally entered the realm.  If you defeat him in battle or raid his base this will greatly add to your score as long as you do it honorably.

The Grand Tally

Here are a few ways to get points.  Crom will keep a grand Tally on slabs of rocks on his mountain for your character.  The character with the most points at the end of the season wins.  The only repeatable points are the Daily Log In, raiding, defending, and pvp.  Each other requires a screenshot or video to Cryptic Escape so there is proof of your adventure.  Also serves as a trophy to show off just how alpha you are.

Repeatable rewards

Daily Log In – 1 pt.

Raiding while Opponent is online 1 pt.

Defending against a raid (fail or successful) 1 pt.

Killing your opponent once per day and must not be allied with your clan. – 2 pt.   You may slay other opponents that day for multiple points.  However; you just can’t farm the same opponent over and over that day.  Also, the opponent must not be allied with you.  (screenshot to confirm the kill and their player level.  Exploiting this will result in your destruction.  )

  • Example 1:  Bob slays Jerry for 2 points.  Jerry comes back for more and Bob slays him again.  No point.
  • Example 2:  After Bob slays Jerry he goes on to slay Jerry’s partner Imyoboi79.  2 points for a total of 4 that day.   

Being killed by your opponent once per day – 1 pt. You may be slain by multiple opponents that day just not the same opponent over and over.   Being slain by each opponent will still grant you a point.  Also, the opponent must not be allied with you.  (screenshot to confirm being fail and the player levels.  Exploiting this will result in your destruction.  )

  • Example 1:  Bob slays Jerry.  Jerry receives 1 point for participating.  Bob slays Jerry again and tea bags him for being a noob.  No point.  
  • Example 2:  Jerry is later wrecked by StalkerAssin619.  Jerry is awarded 1 point for a total of 2 points that day.  


Reaching Level 60 – 1 pt.

Destroy Abyssmal Remnant – 1 pt.

Climb the Tower of Bats – 1 pt.

Destroy a Red or Green Dragon – 1 pt.

Defeat the Kinscourge – 1 pt.

Defeat the Witch Queen – 1 pt.

Defeat the Barrow King – 1 pt.

Defeat Hrugnir of the Frost – 1 pt.

Destroy the Degenerate – 1 pt.

Summon an Avatar of a God – 3 pt.

Escape the Exiled Lands – 5 pt.  (This will delete your character.  Recommend waiting until the last day to use this option.)

Act of Cowardice

Cowardly acts reduce your worth in Crom’s eyes.  Each act will diminish your great score thus directly influencing your odds of winning the Great Game.

Raiding while your opponent is offline. (-3 pts.)

Rebuilding while you are being raided.  You may repair, but laying down building pieces while you are being raided is allowed, but cowardly. (-2 pts.)

Attacking someone of the lower level unless they attack you first.  However, being the higher level you will not receive any points but you won’t lose any points either  (-1 pt.)

Stealing from open windows, fish traps, and open crafting stations show Crom that you would rather use other’s hard labor than work for glory yourself. (-1 pt.)

Vastly outnumbering your opponent with alliances. (-3 pt.)

Exploiting and griefing will result in your total destruction.  Do not tempt Crom.

The Great Prize

You will be deemed the winner of the season and allowed to return to your useless life.  However, you will be able to return to it a bit more comfortable as your treasure will follow to your real life realm.

3rd place – $30 Amazon gift card ($15 per person for a team of 2).

2nd place – $60 Amazon gift card ($30 per person for a team of 2).

1st place – $100 Amazon gift card ($50 per person for a team of 2).

The Season ends on April 1st, 2019.

Slay well!


Note:  Winners of the prize are responsible for all taxes in their state and federal.  

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