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March 19

The Gods of Mars – “Chapter 12: Doomed to Die” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XII DOOMED TO DIE For an instant I stood there before they fell upon me, but the first rush of them forced me back a step or two. My foot felt for the floor but found only empty space. I had backed into the pit which had received Issus. For a second I toppled […]

February 23

The Gods of Mars – “The Prison Isle of Shador” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER X THE PRISON ISLE OF SHADOR In the outer gardens to which the guard now escorted me, I found Xodar surrounded by a crowd of noble blacks. They were reviling and cursing him. The men slapped his face. The women spat upon him. When I appeared they turned their attentions toward me. “Ah,” cried […]

February 22

The Gods of Mars – “Chapter 9: Issus, Goddess of Life Eternal” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER IX ISSUS, GODDESS OF LIFE ETERNAL The confession of love which the girl’s fright had wrung from her touched me deeply; but it humiliated me as well, since I felt that in some thoughtless word or act I had given her reason to believe that I reciprocated her affection. Never have I been much […]

February 21

The Gods of Mars – “Chapter 8: The Depths of Omean” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER VIII THE DEPTHS OF OMEAN Now I realized why the black pirate had kept me engrossed with his strange tale. For miles he had sensed the approach of succour, and but for that single tell-tale glance the battleship would have been directly above us in another moment, and the boarding party which was doubtless […]

February 20

The Gods of Mars – “Chapter 7: A Fair Goddess” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER VII A FAIR GODDESS For an instant the black pirate and I remained motionless, glaring into each other’s eyes. Then a grim smile curled the handsome lips above me, as an ebony hand came slowly in sight from above the edge of the deck and the cold, hollow eye of a revolver sought the […]

February 19

The Gods of Mars – “Chapter 6: The Black Pirates of Barsoom” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER VI THE BLACK PIRATES OF BARSOOM “What is it?” I asked of the girl. For answer she pointed to the sky. I looked, and there, above us, I saw shadowy bodies flitting hither and thither high over temple, court, and garden. Almost immediately flashes of light broke from these strange objects. There was a […]

February 16

The Gods of Mars – “Chapter 5: Corridors of Peril” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER V CORRIDORS OF PERIL How long I slept upon the floor of the storeroom I do not know, but it must have been many hours. I was awakened with a start by cries of alarm, and scarce were my eyes opened, nor had I yet sufficiently collected my wits to quite realize where I […]

February 15

The Gods of Mars – “Chapter 4: Thuvia” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER IV THUVIA It was the sound of conflict that aroused me once more to the realities of life. For a moment I could neither place my surroundings nor locate the sounds which had aroused me. And then from beyond the blank wall beside which I lay I heard the shuffling of feet, the snarling […]

February 14

The Gods of Mars – “Chapter 3: The Chamber of Mystery” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

  CHAPTER III THE CHAMBER OF MYSTERY For moments after that awful laugh had ceased reverberating through the rocky room, Tars Tarkas and I stood in tense and expectant silence. But no further sound broke the stillness, nor within the range of our vision did aught move. At length Tars Tarkas laughed softly, after the […]

September 28

The Gods of Mars – “Chapter 2: A Forest Battle” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER II A FOREST BATTLE Tars Tarkas and I found no time for an exchange of experiences as we stood there before the great boulder surrounded by the corpses of our grotesque assailants, for from all directions down the broad valley was streaming a perfect torrent of terrifying creatures in response to the weird call […]

September 27

The Gods of Mars – “Chapter 1: The Plant Men” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER I THE PLANT MEN As I stood upon the bluff before my cottage on that clear cold night in the early part of March, 1886, the noble Hudson flowing like the grey and silent spectre of a dead river below me, I felt again the strange, compelling influence of the mighty god of war, […]

September 25

The Gods of Mars – “Foreword” by Edgar Rick Burroughs

FOREWORD Twelve years had passed since I had laid the body of my great-uncle, Captain John Carter, of Virginia, away from the sight of men in that strange mausoleum in the old cemetery at Richmond. Often had I pondered on the odd instructions he had left me governing the construction of his mighty tomb, and […]

September 20

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 28: At the Arizona Cave” (Final Chapter) by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XXVIII AT THE ARIZONA CAVE It was dark when I opened my eyes again. Strange, stiff garments were upon my body; garments that cracked and powdered away from me as I rose to a sitting posture. I felt myself over from head to foot and from head to foot I was clothed, though when […]

September 19

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 27: From Joy to Death” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XXVII FROM JOY TO DEATH For ten days the hordes of Thark and their wild allies were feasted and entertained, and, then, loaded with costly presents and escorted by ten thousand soldiers of Helium commanded by Mors Kajak, they started on the return journey to their own lands. The jed of lesser Helium with […]

September 18

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 26: Through Carnage To Joy” By Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XXVI THROUGH CARNAGE TO JOY Sometime later Tars Tarkas and Kantos Kan returned to report that Zodanga had been completely reduced. Her forces were entirely destroyed or captured, and no further resistance was to be expected from within. Several battleships had escaped, but there were thousands of war and merchant vessels under guard of […]

September 14

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 25: The Looting of Zodanga” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XXV THE LOOTING OF ZODANGA As the great gate where I stood swung open my fifty Tharks, headed by Tars Tarkas himself, rode in upon their mighty thoats. I led them to the palace walls, which I negotiated easily without assistance. Once inside, however, the gate gave me considerable trouble, but I finally was […]

September 12

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 24: Tars Tarkas Finds a Friend” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XXIV TARS TARKAS FINDS A FRIEND About noon I passed low over a great dead city of ancient Mars, and as I skimmed out across the plain beyond I came full upon several thousand green warriors engaged in a terrific battle. Scarcely had I seen them than a volley of shots was directed at […]

September 11

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 23: Lost in the Sky” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XXIII LOST IN THE SKY Without effort at concealment I hastened to the vicinity of our quarters, where I felt sure I should find Kantos Kan. As I neared the building I became more careful, as I judged, and rightly, that the place would be guarded. Several men in civilian metal loitered near the […]

September 07

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 22: I Find Dejah” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XXII I FIND DEJAH The major-domo to whom I reported had been given instructions to station me near the person of the jeddak, who, in time of war, is always in great danger of assassination, as the rule that all is fair in war seems to constitute the entire ethics of Martian conflict. He […]

September 06

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 21: An Air Scout For Zodanga” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XXI AN AIR SCOUT FOR ZODANGA As I proceeded on my journey toward Zodanga many strange and interesting sights arrested my attention, and at the several farm houses where I stopped I learned a number of new and instructive things concerning the methods and manners of Barsoom. The water which supplies the farms of […]

September 05

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 20: In The Atmosphere Factory” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XX IN THE ATMOSPHERE FACTORY For two days I waited there for Kantos Kan, but as he did not come I started off on foot in a northwesterly direction toward a point where he had told me lay the nearest waterway. My only food consisted of vegetable milk from the plants which gave so […]

August 28

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 19: Battling in the Arena” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XIX BATTLING IN THE ARENA Slowly I regained my composure and finally essayed again to attempt to remove the keys from the dead body of my former jailer. But as I reached out into the darkness to locate it I found to my horror that it was gone. Then the truth flashed on me; […]

August 24

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 18: Chained in Warhoon” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XVIII CHAINED IN WARHOON It must have been several hours before I regained consciousness and I well remember the feeling of surprise which swept over me as I realized that I was not dead. I was lying among a pile of sleeping silks and furs in the corner of a small room in which […]

August 23

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 17: A Costly Recapture” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XVII A COSTLY RECAPTURE As the speaker ceased he turned to leave the apartment by the door where I was standing, but I needed to wait no longer; I had heard enough to fill my soul with dread, and stealing quietly away I returned to the courtyard by the way I had come. My […]

August 22

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 16: We Plan Escape” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XVI WE PLAN ESCAPE The remainder of our journey to Thark was uneventful. We were twenty days upon the road, crossing two sea bottoms and passing through or around a number of ruined cities, mostly smaller than Korad. Twice we crossed the famous Martian waterways, or canals, so-called by our earthly astronomers. When we […]

August 21

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 15: Sola Tells Me Her Story” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XV SOLA TELLS ME HER STORY When consciousness returned, and, as I soon learned, I was down but a moment, I sprang quickly to my feet searching for my sword, and there I found it, buried to the hilt in the green breast of Zad, who lay stone dead upon the ochre moss of […]

August 18

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 14: A Duel to the Death” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XIV A DUEL TO THE DEATH My first impulse was to tell her of my love, and then I thought of the helplessness of her position wherein I alone could lighten the burdens of her captivity, and protect her in my poor way against the thousands of hereditary enemies she must face upon our […]

August 16

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 13: Love-Making on Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XIII LOVE-MAKING ON MARS Following the battle with the air ships, the community remained within the city for several days, abandoning the homeward march until they could feel reasonably assured that the ships would not return; for to be caught on the open plains with a cavalcade of chariots and children was far from […]

August 15

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 12: A Prisoner With Power” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XII A PRISONER WITH POWER As I entered and saluted, Lorquas Ptomel signaled me to advance, and, fixing his great, hideous eyes upon me, addressed me thus: “You have been with us a few days, yet during that time you have by your prowess won a high position among us. Be that as it […]

August 14

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 11: With Deja Thoris” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XI WITH DEJAH THORIS As we reached the open the two female guards who had been detailed to watch over Dejah Thoris hurried up and made as though to assume custody of her once more. The poor child shrank against me and I felt her two little hands fold tightly over my arm. Waving […]