October 19

Halloween Edition: The Corpse Vanishes (1942 Full Film)

Orchids are often sent to weddings.  However, not when a mad scientist sends them to a young bride that appears to kill her!  When in actuality she was placed in suspended animation where the mad scientist (played by legendary Bela Lugosi) steals her body.  Why?  To steal her glandular fluid of course!  Everyone knows that glandular […]

October 19

Halloween Edition: Escape – “How Love Came to Professor Guildea”

Professor Guildea is probably one of the most intelligent people on the planet.  He calculates that the human penchant for Love is a weakness.  However, something non-human decides to fall in love with him and becomes obsessed.  This episode of Escape is one our personal favorites in the series.  Escape – “How Love Came to […]

October 19

Halloween Edition: “Dracula – Chapter 13

CHAPTER XIII DR. SEWARD’S DIARY—continued. THE funeral was arranged for the next succeeding day, so that Lucy and her mother might be buried together. I attended to all the ghastly formalities, and the urbane undertaker proved that his staff were afflicted—or blessed—with something of his own obsequious suavity. Even the woman who performed the last offices […]

October 18

Halloween Edition: Shark Night (2011 Full Movie)

A group of college undergrads decides to get away from it all so they venture to their friend’s vacation home that sets upon a private lake.  However, the fun is interrupted when Mike loses his arm to seemingly random shark attack!  When they try to escape the island it becomes very clear that the sharks […]

October 18

Halloween Edition: Escape “Evening Primrose”

“You are groping in the midnight dimness of a gigantic department store and suddenly you realize that you are not alone, but a hundred eyes are glaring at you from the shadows and a hundred hands are reaching for your throat and your most urgent desire is to … escape!” Escape – “Evening Primrose” November 5, […]

October 18

Halloween Edition: “Dracula – Chapter 12” by Bram Stoker

CHAPTER XII DR. SEWARD’S DIARY 18 September.—I drove at once to Hillingham and arrived early. Keeping my cab at the gate, I went up the avenue alone. I knocked gently and rang as quietly as possible, for I feared to disturb Lucy or her mother, and hoped to only bring a servant to the door. […]

October 17

Halloween Edition: The Crazies (2010 Full Movie)

Who says nothing ever happens in Iowa?  I mean, one day you’re at a baseball game watching the kids have fun then the next thing you know the town drunk shows up with a shotgun and you’re forced to bring him down.  Lot’s of paperwork I’m sure but who has time for that when the […]

October 17

Halloween Edition: Suspense – “Ghost Hunt”

Think the “Found Footage” genre is new?  Think again, Suspense had that in the bag back in the 40’s and it was way scarier than Blair Witch Project.  In Ghost Hunt, a radio host decides it would be a great idea to spend the night in a haunted house that is infamous for being haunted.  Needless to say, he […]

October 17

Halloween Edition: “Dracula – Chapter 11” by Bram Stoker

CHAPTER XI Lucy Westenra’s Diary. 12 September.—How good they all are to me. I quite love that dear Dr. Van Helsing. I wonder why he was so anxious about these flowers. He positively frightened me, he was so fierce. And yet he must have been right, for I feel comfort from them already. Somehow, I […]

October 16

Halloween Edition: Audition (1999 Full Movie)

Every country does their horror a tad differently.  Japanese horror is definitely in a league of their own.  Take tonight’s movie, Audition, for example.  It’s about a widower who at his son’s request finally move on and find a new wife.  So what do they do?  They hold auditions to find a new prospective wife.  […]

October 16

Halloween Edition: Suspense – “The Dunwich Horror”

      Suspense brings to life one of H.P. Lovecraft’s most memorable and frightening stories.  Wilbur Whateley, the village weirdo, desperately needs to get his hands on the local Miskatonic university’s ultra-rare book, the Necronomicon.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it?   Suspense – “The Dunwich Horror” November 1st, 1945

October 16

Halloween Edition: “Dracula – Chapter 10” by Bram Stoker

CHAPTER X Letter, Dr. Seward to Hon. Arthur Holmwood. “6 September. “My dear Art,— “My news to-day is not so good. Lucy this morning had gone back a bit. There is, however, one good thing which has arisen from it; Mrs. Westenra was naturally anxious concerning Lucy, and has consulted me professionally about her. I […]

October 15

Halloween Edition: “Dracula – Chapter 9” by Bram Stoker

CHAPTER IX Letter, Mina Harker to Lucy Westenra. “Buda-Pesth, 24 August. “My dearest Lucy,— “I know you will be anxious to hear all that has happened since we parted at the railway station at Whitby. Well, my dear, I got to Hull all right, and caught the boat to Hamburg, and then the train on […]

October 13

Halloween Edition – “Dracula: Chapter 8” by Bram Stoker

CHAPTER VIII MINA MURRAY’S JOURNAL Same day, 11 o’clock p. m.—Oh, but I am tired! If it were not that I had made my diary a duty I should not open it to-night. We had a lovely walk. Lucy, after a while, was in gay spirits, owing, I think, to some dear cows who came […]

October 12

Halloween Edition: The Brain (1988) Full Movie

A television show called “Independent Thinkers” is hosted by Dr. Blakely.  A psychiatrist who runs a mega-popular self-help talk show that was commonplace in the 80’s.  However, the audience is doing absolutely zero independent thinking of their own.  He secretly is controlling them with the help of an alien organism that allows him to replace their thoughts […]

October 12

Halloween Edition: “Dracula: Chapter 7” by Bram Stoker

CHAPTER VII CUTTING FROM “THE DAILYGRAPH,” 8 AUGUST (Pasted in Mina Murray’s Journal.) From a Correspondent. Whitby. ONE greatest and suddenest storms on record has just been experienced here, with results both strange and unique. The weather had been somewhat sultry, but not to any degree uncommon in the month of August. Saturday evening was as […]

October 12

Halloween Edition: Columbia Workshop – “Carmilla”

J.S. LeFanu’s famous vampire novel is brought to life by a master of horror scriptwriter Lucille Fletcher.  Voiced by Jeanette Nolan, she places a wicked sexy voice to the vampire and will seduce your cute little ears as you give it a listen.  Just be sure not to let her get too close right? Columbia […]

October 11

Halloween Edition: Burnt Offerings (1976 Full Film)

I think I was like ten years old when I first saw “Burnt Offerings”.  It was the first time I had seen a haunted house movie and it scared the urge to pee right outta me.  Sure there are lots of haunted house movies but very few are actually scary or even psychological in some […]

October 11

Halloween Edition: Lights Out – Valse Triste

Two women go on vacation to get away from it all.  Relaxation isn’t on the itinerary however when a psychopath with a talent for playing the violin falls in love with one of them and decides that he must marry her!  Of course, he has to kill the friend.  Arch Oboler is absolutely terrifying in this […]

October 11

Halloween Edition: “Dracula – Chapter 6” by Bram Stoker

CHAPTER VI MINA MURRAY’S JOURNAL 24 July. Whitby.—Lucy met me at the station, looking sweeter and lovelier than ever, and we drove up to the house at the Crescent in which they have rooms. This is a lovely place. The little river, the Esk, runs through a deep valley, which broadens out as it comes […]

October 10

The Bloody Pit of Horror (1965 Full Movie)

Halloween wouldn’t be right if we didn’t’ invite the Italians.  Noon can quite do the horror the way the Italians do.  In this juicy flick there is a group that includes Rick (Walter Bigari) a writer, Daniel Parks (Alfredo Rizzo) the publisher, Edith (Luisa Baratto) the secretary, Dermott (Ralph Zucker) the photographer, and of course […]

October 10

Halloween Edition: “Dracula – Chapter 5” by Bram Stoker

CHAPTER V Letter from Miss Mina Murray to Miss Lucy Westenra. “9 May. “My dearest Lucy,— “Forgive my long delay in writing, but I have been simply overwhelmed with work. The life of an assistant schoolmistress is sometimes trying. I am longing to be with you, and by the sea, where we can talk together […]

October 10

Halloween Edition: Lights Out – “The Dream”

What if Boris Karloff, Legendary Master of Horror, keeps having a recurring dream about committing murder? Lights Out – “The Dream” – March 23rd, 1943  

October 07

Meet the Adventurer: Conrad Sternguard

If there was ever a face of the people it would be that of Conrad Sternguard.  Conrad’s home village was completely obliterated by rampaging Dragon.  All but four people perished in the razing of his hometown of Illidar. Conrad and his three friends, all under the age of ten, were out in the woods playing swords […]

October 07

Meet the Adventurer: Katharina DeArmado

The Auran Empire is a vast expanse from one end of the continent to the other.  No other Empire on Sora matches the amount of land it controls.  Maintaining such a large empire requires a lot of manpower.  From bureaucrats, militia, armies, infrastructure and of course spies. The DeArmado family is a very well known […]

October 06

Meet the Adventurer: Thramrem Wraithforge

The Clan of Wraithforge has been at one time a legendary name.  It was synonymous with monster slaying and crafting instruments of destruction of mighty beasts.  Many adventurers made a name for themselves with the aid of a Wraithforged weapon. Thramrem would risk the clan name, however.  For many generations, his family has carried on the Wraithforge […]

October 05

Halloween Edition: Cry of the Werewolf (1944 Full Film)

A Romani gypsy princess is actually a werewolf.  She uses her curse to protect the tomb of her mother Marie LaTour whom she inherited the curse from.  Anyone who discovers the tomb is just a tasty meal to this beautiful gypsy.   Also known as Daughter of the Werewolf, Cry of the Werewolf stars the lovely […]

October 05

Halloween Edition: “Dracula: Chapter 4” By Bram Stoker

CHAPTER IV JONATHAN HARKER’S JOURNAL—continued I AWOKE in my own bed. If it be that I had not dreamt, the Count must have carried me here. I tried to satisfy myself on the subject, but could not arrive at any unquestionable result. To be sure, there were certain small evidences, such as that my clothes were folded […]

October 05

Halloween Edition: The Witch’s Tale – “The Devil Doctor”

“The Devil Doctor” is a fun story that goes old school.  Insert scary story and then a warlock who has a penchant for sacrificing hundreds of people to Satan.  Then sprinkle about a group of non-believers who open his tomb and you have one hell of a spooky romp through an ancient town.   The Witch’s Tale […]

October 04

Halloween Edition: H.P. Lovecraft’s: Necronomicon (1993 Full Film)

Possibly one of our favorite horror anthology movies ever made.  Like most Lovecraft films of the late 80’s and early 90’s, they were mostly brought to life by one of our favorite horror movie directors Brian Yuzna.  Christophe Gains and Shusuke Kaneko also brought their talent to this great campy film that you just can not help […]