Suspense – “The Dead Sleep Lightly”

Susan Hayward

Another classic from John Dickson Carr. The mystery does not give you enough clues to solve on your own however the ending and overall story is still entertaining. Susan Hayward guests stars on this week’s episode of Suspense!

“A tingling ghost story about a rich old man and the ghost of his long-forgotten wife. + Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, meadow vale cemetery not far from New York on a dim grey morning in early April when rain forms a mist across leafless trees and white gravestones. You see over there the group of silk hated gentlemen each with his protecting umbrella gathered around an open grave the clay soil freshly dug as the coffin is lowered into its everlasting house and the droning voice of the clergyman.”

Suspense – “The Dead Sleep Lightly” – March 30, 1943