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February 16

Inner Sanctum Mystery – “Death is a Joker”

Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff come together in this spooky tale about a man who murders his best friend over a woman.  Then the woman admits she loves the man and ended up killing his friend for no reason.  Will she still help him or perhaps help him run from justice?  Then another story about […]

February 15

The Adventures of Superman – “Horatio F. Horn Detective Pt. 2”

Clark, Lois, and Horn go out to find Professor Sturgeon and come across his butler Breckenridge tied up. They untie him and ask the whereabouts of Professor Sturgeon to find out that he has been kidnapped by Doctor Leon Carlos during a fight. Will Clark, Lois, and Horn find Professor Sturgeon and save him? The Adventures […]

February 14

The Shadow – “The Hypnotized Audience”

The governor has vanished. Has the governor been kidnapped or has he completely vanished without a trace. Can the Shadow find the governor safe and solve the mystery of his disappearance?   The Shadow – “The Hypnotized Audience” – March 27, 1938  

February 13

Suspense – “Nothing Up My Sleeve”

A man named “Shark” Morgan, who is missing his top lip and all his teeth are permanently exposed, walks into a bank and begins shooting the place up with this Tommy gun.  He makes off with $88,000 on New Years but who is really behind the bank robbery?  I wonder what happens if a bank could […]

February 12

Buck Roger & the 25th Century – “Gyro Cosmic Relativator Has Been Installed”

“Buck Rogers was born here right in our own times in the twentieth century. The story of how he got started on his adventure so far in the future is mighty interesting. So now we are going to turn the dial, which will project us ahead in time and find out all about it that […]

February 09

X Minus One – Cold Equations

Aboard an Emergency Dispatch Ship, a pilot named Barton is headed for the planet Woden. Shortly after leaving Barton discovers a young woman hiding in the stowaway hitching a ride to Woden to see her husband. Barton realized keeping her on the ship has ruined the mission by adding weight and not having enough fuel […]

February 08

Inner Sanctum – Death is a Joker

A man was deeply in love with his friend Julie. Julie was way out of this man’s league and knowing the truth drove him to murder his friend Robert. He is forced to cover his trail, regretting his mistake of uncontrolled anger. “Inner Sanctum” – Death is a Joke” – June 10, 1944

February 07

The Adventures of Superman – Horatio F. Horn Detective pt. 1

A detective name Horatio F. Horn has intercepted a telegram in Greenrun, Ohio. The telegram was meant for a man named Perry White. Horatio brings up the fact that the code of the telegram may be a threat. Clark and Louis must try to figure out the mystery of this Telegram. “The Adventures of Superman” […]

February 06

The Shadow – “The White Legion”

A man named William Deven has been kidnapped and murdered. The White Legion accused William of conspiring against the group and they killed him in retaliation. When the news reaches  Lamont Cranston, he has learned that the White Legion is a group of villains and they are threatening a man named Alton Parker for prosecuting […]

February 05

Suspense -“Two Sharp Knives”

“Two Sharp Knives” was adapted from the short story of the same name by Dashiell Hammett, which was first published in Colliers, January 13,1934. Stories for Men: an Anthology (1944), also published the story.  John Dickson Carr, a staple of the Suspense radio drama adapted this story for radio. As the story begins, early in the morning a […]

January 23

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – “The Origin”

Imagine being able to watch a person’s memories like a television?   Buck Rogers was ahead of it’s time when it first talked about this possibility.  In this “Origin” episode of Buck Rogers, it gets quite technical with a ton of gobbly gook that a tech nerd will love. Such an experiment is performed on Buck […]

January 10

“Courtesy” – X Minus One

“This is the story of the second expedition to the planet of Landor. I’m recording it for any future expeditions which might land on this God forsaken sphere in the hope that they may learn from our tragic example. As I write there are two of us left – just two out of the original […]

January 09

“The Silent Hands” – Inner Sanctum Mystery

Police reports of a woman in white are appearing around town on a murderous rampage!   “The Silent Hands” – Inner Sanctum Mystery – May 13th, 1944

December 04

The Adventures of Superman – “Clark Kent Captured by The Wolf”

“The Wolf” captures Clark Kent and redoubles his effort to make “The Silver Clipper” vanish! The Adventures of Superman – “Clark Kent Captured by The Wolf” – February 2nd, 1940

October 31

Halloween Edition: “Mercury Theater – Dracula”

Requires no introduction!  Everyone either remembers or have heard about the War of the Worlds scare that happened back in the 1930’s when Orson Wells rocked the country with his martian excursion into terror.  But before that, he shocked the world with his portrayal of Dracula.  To this day it is probably one of the best-produced […]

October 30

Halloween Edition: “The Vengeful Corpse” – Inner Sanctum Mystery

In a small hillside New England cemetery, a chill evening wind stirs the leaves and a blood red moon clings to the branches with grotesque fingers touching the faded headstones with their eerie light. The frail drawn faced young woman sits on an old stone bench listening acutely to the rustling of the branches as […]

October 24

Halloween Edition: “Whence Came You?” – Quiet, Please

An archaeologist is being tailed by a mysterious woman of almost supernatural beauty.  He moves through the streets of Cairo in an attempt to unearth an ancient and terrible horror. Quiet, Please isn’t as prolific as other radio drams in terms of pure horror, however, this episode is a masterpiece in using all the well-known […]

October 19

Halloween Edition: Escape – “How Love Came to Professor Guildea”

Professor Guildea is probably one of the most intelligent people on the planet.  He calculates that the human penchant for Love is a weakness.  However, something non-human decides to fall in love with him and becomes obsessed.  This episode of Escape is one our personal favorites in the series.  Escape – “How Love Came to […]

October 18

Halloween Edition: Escape “Evening Primrose”

“You are groping in the midnight dimness of a gigantic department store and suddenly you realize that you are not alone, but a hundred eyes are glaring at you from the shadows and a hundred hands are reaching for your throat and your most urgent desire is to … escape!” Escape – “Evening Primrose” November 5, […]

October 17

Halloween Edition: Suspense – “Ghost Hunt”

Think the “Found Footage” genre is new?  Think again, Suspense had that in the bag back in the 40’s and it was way scarier than Blair Witch Project.  In Ghost Hunt, a radio host decides it would be a great idea to spend the night in a haunted house that is infamous for being haunted.  Needless to say, he […]

October 16

Halloween Edition: Suspense – “The Dunwich Horror”

      Suspense brings to life one of H.P. Lovecraft’s most memorable and frightening stories.  Wilbur Whateley, the village weirdo, desperately needs to get his hands on the local Miskatonic university’s ultra-rare book, the Necronomicon.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it?   Suspense – “The Dunwich Horror” November 1st, 1945

October 11

Halloween Edition: Lights Out – Valse Triste

Two women go on vacation to get away from it all.  Relaxation isn’t on the itinerary however when a psychopath with a talent for playing the violin falls in love with one of them and decides that he must marry her!  Of course, he has to kill the friend.  Arch Oboler is absolutely terrifying in this […]

October 10

Halloween Edition: Lights Out – “The Dream”

What if Boris Karloff, Legendary Master of Horror, keeps having a recurring dream about committing murder? Lights Out – “The Dream” – March 23rd, 1943  

October 05

Halloween Edition: The Witch’s Tale – “The Devil Doctor”

“The Devil Doctor” is a fun story that goes old school.  Insert scary story and then a warlock who has a penchant for sacrificing hundreds of people to Satan.  Then sprinkle about a group of non-believers who open his tomb and you have one hell of a spooky romp through an ancient town.   The Witch’s Tale […]

October 04

Halloween Edition: Nightfall – “A Glimpse of Eternity”

Two friends discover that they can reanimate the dead!  All in the name of medical science!  Of course the obvious happens but it is still scary as hell! Nightfall – “A Glimpse of Eternity” May 21st, 1982

October 03

Halloween Edition: The Shadow – “Death Rides a Broomstick”

A witch trial was held in the Scottish Highlands in the year 1741 and a woman was put to death by burning at the stake.  The witch put a curse on the judge, the head of the McCavery clan.  Two hundred years later, the curse would return to end the bloodline of the McCavery for […]

October 02

Halloween Edition: The Vampire’s Desire (The Hermit’s Cave)

It’s a stormy night and Mr. Winton and John have lost their way and drenched to the skin they go to a nearby house for shelter. However, the old woman who answers tells them that they are not welcome and slams the door on them. John puts his foot in the door and they enter […]

September 28

The Shadow – “The Silent Avenger”

An inmate who’s about to go to the electric chair convinces his bother to seek revenge on those who put him on death row. The Shadow – “The Silent Avenger” March 13th, 1938

September 27

Suspense – “Til Death Do Us Part”

Being married for over seven years, Paul had once loved his wife.  He had loved her as no other man could love her.  Now when he sees her he is disgusted and is agitated at the very sight of her.  It grinds his gears even being near her. What happened?  10 months ago Paul had […]

September 25

The CE Library: Buck Rogers

Buck Rogers is a fictional space opera character created by Philip Francis Nowlan in the novella Armageddon 2419 A.D., subsequently appearing in multiple media. In Armageddon 2419 A.D., published in the August 1928 issue of the pulp magazine, Amazing Stories, the character’s given name was “Anthony”. A sequel, The Airlords of Han, was published in the March 1929 issue. Philip Nowlan and the syndicate John […]