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May 02

X Minus One – “First Contact”

A classic story of the first encounter with an alien race and the mutual distrust that would involve—neither ship wishes to be the first to depart for fear of giving away clues of their origin to a potential adversary. X Minus One – “First Contact” – October 6th, 1955

May 01

Inner Sanctum Mystery – “Desert Death”

Two men pick up three others and offer them a lift into town. They said they were British but they are nazi prisoners who had escaped from the camp up near Post City. Inner Sanctum Mystery – “Desert Death” – January 9th, 1945

April 30

The Adventures of Superman – “Dr. Dahlgrens Atomic Beam Machine”

“The Yellow Mask” steals Professor Dahlgren’s atomic beam machine that can utterly destroy anything at the atomic level and Superman must do something about it before “The Yellow Mask” takes over the world.  Also, this is Lois Lane’s first official meeting with Clark Kent. The Adventures of Superman – “Dr. Dahlgrens Atomic Beam Machine” – February […]

April 27

The Shadow – “Power of the Mind”

A prominent psychiatrist is kidnapped and held hostage aboard a cargo freighter.  He is able to reach out with his mind and telepathically contact The Shadow for his rescue.   The Shadow – “Power of the Mind” – April 24th, 1938

April 26

Suspense – “The Hangman Won’t Wait”

A woman awakes with no memory but the crushing reality of her situation becomes frighteningly clear when she finds out she awoke in prison.  Worse yet she’s on death row and scheduled for hanging for tomorrow!  Can a woman who had amnesia be sentenced to death for a crime she has no memory of? Suspense – […]

April 25

Buck Rogers – “Dr. Huer Searches for Impentrite”

The Plots in the title folks.  🙂 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – “Dr. Huer Searches fro Impentrite” – April 17th, 1939

April 24

X Minus One – “And the Moon Be Still as Bright”

An expedition to Mars finds all the Martians dead due to chickenpox brought to them by previous Earthmen expeditions. All the men except for one set about destroying Martian artifacts. X Minus One – “And the Moon Be Still as Bright” – September 22nd, 1955

April 20

Inner Sanctum Mystery – “The Colorblind Formula”

“The Coast of Maine Express is already an hour out of Boston. It’s noon on a windy November day as the New England landscape flashes past. On the train are crowds of servicemen, mothers and babies, salesmen, and a man who has been acquitted of murder because the police couldn’t find the body. The man […]

April 19

The Adventures of Superman – “Menace to the Silver Clipper”

Superman saves “The Silver Clipper” in a storm of bullets!  This is the end of the Wolf saga. The Adventures of Superman – “Menace to the Silver Clipper” – February 23rd, 1940

April 18

The Shadow – “The Blind Beggar Dies”

A beloved homeless blind singer, “Singing Jim” is murdered and The Shadow moves to take out a criminal group who prey on the cities and homeless.  Starring Orsen Wells and Margot Stevenson. The Shadow – “The Blind Beggar Dies” – April 17th, 1938

April 17

Suspense – “The Doctor Prescribed Death”

A psychologist, Antonio Bastille, believes that a person who is suicidal can be cured if they replace it with the desire to take someone else’s life instead.  Bela Lugosi and Geraldine Fitzgerald star in this weeks installment of Suspense.

April 16

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – “Kane and Ardala Turn the Psychic Restriction Ray on Barney”

The plot is in the title.  😛 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – “Kane and Ardala Turn the Psychic Restriction Ray on Barney” – April 14th, 1939

April 13

X Minus One – “The Castaways”

“In the South Pacific night comes on rapidly, the sun dips below the flat horizon, the sea is crimson for a moment and then night falls. But on Tohonihaito giant park lights turn night in to day. Across the waters of the lagoon within the barrier reef launches and tugs skitter back and forth while […]

April 12

Inner Sanctum Mystery – “The Voice on the Wire”

 Trapped on an island, a voice on the telephone warns a woman that she has only four hours to live.  Dum Dum Duuuuummmm!!! Inner Sanctum Mystery – “The Voice on the Wire” – November 29th, 1944

April 11

The Adventures of Superman – “Clark Kent Imprisoned”

The Wolf imprisons Clark however; nothing can hold Superman! The Adventures of Superman – “Clark Kent Imprisoned” – February 21st, 1940  

April 10

The Shadow – “The Fire Bug”

Margot Lane is kidnapped by a group of pyromaniacs! The Shadow – “The Fire Bug” – April 10th, 1938

April 09

Suspense – “The Devil’s Saint”

Pariss, 1927.  Edward and Illone are having a night to themselves, enjoying each other’s company.  However, Illone’s uncle, Count Stefan Kohari, arrives.  Illone and Edward inform the Count that they intend to get married but the Count has an issue.  The issue being Edward and Illon had only known themselves for a mere four days.  The […]

March 27

Buck Rogers – “The Psychic Restriction Ray Has Been Stolen”

Pretty much what the title says.  🙂 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – “The Psychic Restriction Ray Has Been Stolen” – April 12th, 1939

March 19

X Minus One – “The Martian Death March”

A man who was a boy at the time tells the story of the death march of the Martians in 1997. He tells the tale of how the spider-beings have escaped from the reservations and are making their way home to the mountains lead by an Earthman.  The story is an allegory detailing how native […]

February 26

Inner Sanctum Mystery – “Dead Man’s Vengeance”

“We’re going to take a long trip to Czechoslovakia. But you won’t have time to enjoy the scenery, it’s dotted with Nazis and they don’t like other nationalities. Martin Gates, an Englishman, is married to a Czec girl living in Czechoslovakia is one of the leaders in the underground movement. The story opens in a […]

February 23

The Adventures of Superman – “Horatio F. Horn Detective Pt. 3”

Lois and Horn take Clarks cart o go to Maple Lodge while Clark stayed and talked with Bill Henderson. Lois and Horn drive into a storm and crashes off a bridge into a raging river. Only Superman man rescue them but without Clark knowing will he be able to save the day? The Adventures of […]

February 22

The Shadow – “Death from the Deep”

There is a submarine sinking ships and killing sailors. Peoples cargo are disappearing and nobody wants to ship anything overseas anymore making business hard. The Shadow has to put an end to these pirates or they will make it impossible for shipping companies to make money and run their business. Will the Shadow put an […]

February 21

Suspense – “The Pit and the Pendulum”

The suspense episode was adapted from an Edgar Allan Poe story. The narrator has to sit before seven judges that wants to torture him. As our narrator is waiting for his trial for death he can’t help but imagine the horror he is going through. The narrator soon becomes obsessed with the thought of it. […]

February 20

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – “Willie and Black Barney are Testing Dr. Huer’s New Invention”

Someone stole their spaceship with one of Dr. Huer’s new inventions. They found out someone may have broken in and ransacked the laboratory and did it quick. Meanwhile, they are looking for clues Willie and Barney find themselves testing Dr. Huer’s new invention on accident. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – “Willie and Black […]

February 19

X Minus One – “Shanghaied”

A man ends up on a spaceship right before his wedding. Jeff has been drugged and kidnapped only to be put on this ship that is getting st for liftoff. He will be forced to work as a crew member on this ship for 15 years unless he stops it. Will he stop the spaceship […]

February 16

Inner Sanctum Mystery – “Death is a Joker”

Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff come together in this spooky tale about a man who murders his best friend over a woman.  Then the woman admits she loves the man and ended up killing his friend for no reason.  Will she still help him or perhaps help him run from justice?  Then another story about […]

February 15

The Adventures of Superman – “Horatio F. Horn Detective Pt. 2”

Clark, Lois, and Horn go out to find Professor Sturgeon and come across his butler Breckenridge tied up. They untie him and ask the whereabouts of Professor Sturgeon to find out that he has been kidnapped by Doctor Leon Carlos during a fight. Will Clark, Lois, and Horn find Professor Sturgeon and save him? The Adventures […]

February 14

The Shadow – “The Hypnotized Audience”

The governor has vanished. Has the governor been kidnapped or has he completely vanished without a trace. Can the Shadow find the governor safe and solve the mystery of his disappearance?   The Shadow – “The Hypnotized Audience” – March 27, 1938  

February 13

Suspense – “Nothing Up My Sleeve”

A man named “Shark” Morgan, who is missing his top lip and all his teeth are permanently exposed, walks into a bank and begins shooting the place up with this Tommy gun.  He makes off with $88,000 on New Years but who is really behind the bank robbery?  I wonder what happens if a bank could […]

February 12

Buck Roger & the 25th Century – “Gyro Cosmic Relativator Has Been Installed”

“Buck Rogers was born here right in our own times in the twentieth century. The story of how he got started on his adventure so far in the future is mighty interesting. So now we are going to turn the dial, which will project us ahead in time and find out all about it that […]