Month: September 2017

Meet the Adventurer: Kieran Miradi

Kieran Miradi was once a respected researcher amongst his peers.  Now the people in the region think Kieran has lost his marbles in his old age.  He has become more of a recluse in his old age and has received Read More!

12 to the Moon (1960 Full Film)

The ISO (International Space Order) has an opportunity to achieve its goal of placing a manned flight and landing on the moon.  By doing so they can declare the moon as “International territory”.  Lunar Eagle 1 will carry aboard her Read More!

The Gods of Mars – “Chapter 2: A Forest Battle” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER II A FOREST BATTLE Tars Tarkas and I found no time for an exchange of experiences as we stood there before the great boulder surrounded by the corpses of our grotesque assailants, for from all directions down the broad Read More!

Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959 Full Film)

Deep in the Florida Everglades, locals are mysteriously turning up missing.  Two such victims are Liz Walker and her lover.  The game warden, Steven Benton, sets out to solve the mystery of the missing locals and is aided by his Read More!

The Gods of Mars – “Chapter 1: The Plant Men” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER I THE PLANT MEN As I stood upon the bluff before my cottage on that clear cold night in the early part of March, 1886, the noble Hudson flowing like the grey and silent spectre of a dead river Read More!

Portrait of Jennie (1948 Full Film)

Nearly homeless, hungry, and ready to give up, Eben Adams (Joseph Cotten), encounters a little girl named Jennie Appleton (Jennifer Jones) in Central Park in New York City.  Jennie is wearing clothes from an older period and she ends up Read More!

The Gods of Mars – “Foreword” by Edgar Rick Burroughs

FOREWORD Twelve years had passed since I had laid the body of my great-uncle, Captain John Carter, of Virginia, away from the sight of men in that strange mausoleum in the old cemetery at Richmond. Often had I pondered on Read More!

The CE Library: Buck Rogers

Buck Rogers is a fictional space opera character created by Philip Francis Nowlan in the novella Armageddon 2419 A.D., subsequently appearing in multiple media. In Armageddon 2419 A.D., published in the August 1928 issue of the pulp magazine, Amazing Stories, the character’s given name was “Anthony”. A sequel, The Airlords Read More!

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 28: At the Arizona Cave” (Final Chapter) by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XXVIII AT THE ARIZONA CAVE It was dark when I opened my eyes again. Strange, stiff garments were upon my body; garments that cracked and powdered away from me as I rose to a sitting posture. I felt myself Read More!

Max Steel (2016 Full Movie)

Mysterious forces threaten our world.  An unlikely origin story of a teenager, Max McGrath, becomes bonded to a strange alien entity that grants Max incredible powers to combat the forces of evil.  That’s all I got… Max Steel is supposed Read More!

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 27: From Joy to Death” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XXVII FROM JOY TO DEATH For ten days the hordes of Thark and their wild allies were feasted and entertained, and, then, loaded with costly presents and escorted by ten thousand soldiers of Helium commanded by Mors Kajak, they Read More!

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 26: Through Carnage To Joy” By Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XXVI THROUGH CARNAGE TO JOY Sometime later Tars Tarkas and Kantos Kan returned to report that Zodanga had been completely reduced. Her forces were entirely destroyed or captured, and no further resistance was to be expected from within. Several Read More!

Death Machine (1994 Full Movie)

In your very near future (2003), Chaank Armament, a powerful megacorporation is the preeminent manufacturer of high tech people killing military weaponry.  They create a superior super soldier complete with cybernetic enhancements.  Code Name:  Hard Man.  Who then malfunctions and goes on Read More!

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 25: The Looting of Zodanga” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XXV THE LOOTING OF ZODANGA As the great gate where I stood swung open my fifty Tharks, headed by Tars Tarkas himself, rode in upon their mighty thoats. I led them to the palace walls, which I negotiated easily Read More!

Krull (1983 Full Movie)

“A girl of ancient name that shall become queen.  That she shall choose a king, and that together they shall rule their world, and that their son shall rule the galaxy.” An ageless entity known as the “Beast” invades the Read More!

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 24: Tars Tarkas Finds a Friend” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XXIV TARS TARKAS FINDS A FRIEND About noon I passed low over a great dead city of ancient Mars, and as I skimmed out across the plain beyond I came full upon several thousand green warriors engaged in a Read More!

A Princess of Mars – “Chapter 23: Lost in the Sky” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

CHAPTER XXIII LOST IN THE SKY Without effort at concealment I hastened to the vicinity of our quarters, where I felt sure I should find Kantos Kan. As I neared the building I became more careful, as I judged, and Read More!

Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961 Full Movie)

What do youy get when you mix Roger Corman with the Cuban Revolution?  Over the top names and characters, a crazy plot, and a good time!  Join Renzo Capetto (Anthony Carbone), a deported gambler and over all scoundrel from American, Read More!