Krull (1983 Full Movie)


“A girl of ancient name that shall become queen.  That she shall choose a king, and that together they shall rule their world, and that their son shall rule the galaxy.”

An ageless entity known as the “Beast” invades the primitive planet of Krull with his technologically advanced army of “Slayers”.  This Beast moves about the galaxy in his ship, “The Black Fortress” and enslaves every planet he comes across.

On Krull Prince, Colwyn and Princess Lyssa form a marriage that will bind their countries together so that they may combine their forces and defeat the army of the Beast.  However, the Beast interrupts the wedding in full force in an epic coup de grace.  Both kings die, the kingdom’s armies are crushed, and the princess is captured by the Beast and our hero Prince Colwyn is left for dead.

What next?  Only one of the most epic cinematic adventures you will see for a very long time.  The film has an awesome script, score, actors, and a vision.  The film was directed by Peter Yates, produced by Ron Silverman, and written by Stanford Sherman.  The film also stars various nobodies at the time but big names now.

Liam Neesan and Robbie Coletrain just to name a couple. The film is full of over the top sword and sorcery story telling, a bad ass weapon, and has its own fluid mythology.  Truly one of our favorite films.  Please enjoy!


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