Month: April 2017

The Devil and Tom Walker – Washington Irving

The Devil and Tom Walker is a short story written by Washington Irving and first appeared in 1824.  Faustian in nature this story involves a more gruesome and modern take of the old tale of the devil and his deals. Read More!

Flash Gordon – Flash Charges Ice Barricade of Hawkmen & Dr. Zarkov is Thawed Out

Episode #9:  “Flash Charges Ice Barricade of Hawkmen” Air Date:  June 22, 1935 “With shouts and confusion, the blue magic army charges to attack the barricaded hawkmen. Suddenly, Thorl furious at being replaced as general by Flash draws a gun Read More!

Flash Gordon – Dr Zarkov To The Rescue & Aide Tal Plants Seeds Of Doubt

  If you’re just tuning in, please read below for a brief overview of the Flash Gordon series. You can also visit the main page where you can find the previous episodes! Now presenting episodes #7 & #8. Hope you Read More!

X Minus One – Perigi’s Wonderful Dolls

  Before there was Chucky, there was a perfect doll in a window shop that caught the eyes of a child. Tune in now to see how wonderful (or terrible) these dolls truly are. Initially a revival of NBC’s Dimension X (1950–51), Read More!

Inner Sanctum Mystery – Death has Claws

Not quite the kitty-cat you were expecting? More like a kitty with radiation exposure/mutation X-100. For one gentleman, he is a cat-lover and you dare not to try to mess with him. Sit back, and enjoy this puuuurrrfect treat! Inner Read More!

Flash Gordon – Rules Over Cave World & Blue Magic Men Capture Flash

In a tournament of death, Flash Gordon wins the unconquered Kingdom of the Caves. Having picked up a company of King Voltan’s hawkmen the huge rocket ship bearing Flash and Dale to their new kingdom heads for the yawning mouth Read More!

Inner Sanctum Mystery – The Man from Yesterday

A giant gorilla has been captured by a scientist. The gorilla remembers his captor from long ago…and is planning revenge! His captor remembers a previous meeting as well..a very, very long time ago!  This story is crazy with a capital Read More!

Flash Gordon – Imprisoned by Hawkmen & Deathbattle Won by Flash

Whilst imprisoned Flash met Boon, the powerful, huge, bearded prince of the Lionmen and Prince Barron a former member of Emperor Ming’s court. Joined by Dr Zarcov, these four friends joined together to overthrow the government of Emperor Ming and Read More!