Inner Sanctum Mystery – Dead Reckoning


“This is a strange and eerie a tale as ever made a sailor wish he’d never seen salt water. It is a story of something that came out of the fog to drag men to their death in a watery grave. When a sole survivor of an abandoned ship is rescued the men on board fear the same fate is coming to them when the sea water turns red and strange things happen.”

 Tonight we, Cryptic Escape Radio presents to you…”Dead Reckoning.”  An Inner Sanctum Mystery!

Inner Sanctum Mystery “Dead Reckoning”

Original Air Date:  January 18, 1942  Play Time:  30 Minutes

Inner Sanctum Mystery, also known as Inner Sanctum, a popular old-time radio program that aired from January 7, 1941, to October 5, 1952, was created by producer Himan Brown and was based on the imprint given to the mystery novels of Simon & Schuster.

A total of 527 episodes were produced, but a majority are presumed to be lost. Less than 200 are known to exist today. A number of the episodes that exist are edited versions that were rebroadcast on Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) as part of Mystery Playhouse hosted by Peter Lorre. These episodes edited out the commercials as well as the original introductions and postscripts by Raymond Johnson. They were replaced with an introduction by Peter Lorre.