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November 08

The Warlord of Mars – “The New Ruler” by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Final Chapter)

THE NEW RULER The flier upon whose deck Dejah Thoris and I found ourselves after twelve long years of separation proved entirely useless. Her buoyancy tanks leaked badly. Her engine would not start. We were helpless there in mid air above the arctic ice. The craft had drifted across the chasm which held the corpses […]

October 25

“When You’re in D-Town, The Anthem of Dalton, GA”

As our readers know, Cryptic Escape Magazine is headquartered in Dalton, GA.  Myself, our staff, friends, and family all love where we live.  Full of natural beauty, low taxes, southern hospitality and most importantly talent!  Check out Dalton, GA.  You’ll love it here and we couldn’t be more proud of the community of which we […]

June 20

Buck Rogers and the 25th Century – “Dr. Huers New Relativator is Installed”

The Plot is in the title folks.  🙂 Buck Rogers and the 25th Century – “Dr. Huers New Relativator is Installed” – April 21st, 1939

June 19

House of Dracula (1945 Universal Pictures Full Film)

Tired of immortality, Dracula seeks out the castle home of Dr. Franz Edlemann, a doctor who has been working on a possible cure for vampirism.  Dracula relocates to the home permanently to receive a series of transfusions of blood mixed with the clavaria formosa.  The mysterious plant that can change the structure and qualities of […]

June 19

The Warlord of Mars – “The Tide of Battle” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

THE TIDE OF BATTLE But Solan’s last loud cry had not been without effect, for a moment later a dozen guardsmen burst into the chamber, though not before I had so bent and demolished the great switch that it could not be again used to turn the powerful current into the mighty magnet of destruction […]

June 19

X Minus One – “Child’s Play”

A timid lawyer receives a mysterious package, which turns out to be a kit from two hundred years in the future.  What could be inside? X Minus One – “Child’s Play” – October 20th, 1955

June 11

Jungle Captive (1944 Universal Pictures Full Film)

The final chapter in the ape woman saga, Jungle Captive is the third film of the series.  It is preceded by Captive Wild Woman and Jungle Woman where we witness the ongoing struggle of beautiful women who have the superhuman strength of a gorilla and the temperament as well.  When will these mad scientists get […]

June 11

The Warlord of Mars – “The Magnet Switch” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

THE MAGNET SWITCH The guardsmen paid not the slightest attention to their wards, for the red men could not move over two feet from the great rings to which they were padlocked, though each had seized a weapon upon which he had been engaged when I entered the room, and stood ready to join me […]

June 11

Inner Sanctum Mystery – “Death is an Artist”

Four dead cats and a man are found in an apartment…all with their throats slit or their heads cut off! The story of the human victim involves a hated wife and murder. A delightfully macabre story. Inner Sanctum Mystery – “Death is an Artist” – January 1st, 1945

June 07

Jungle Woman (1944 Universal Pictures Full Film)

In the sequel to Captive Wild Woman, we see the return of Paula Dupree, the ape woman.  The film sets out as a series of flashbacks rehashing the events of the previous film.  We learn then that Paula indeed survived as Cheela.  Once revived she is can turn to her human form this time without […]

June 07

The Warlord of Mars – “Follow the Rope” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

“FOLLOW THE ROPE” What could it mean? “Follow the rope.” What rope? Presently I recalled the cord that had been attached to the parcel when it fell at my side, and after a little groping my hand came in contact with it again. It depended from above, and when I pulled upon it I discovered […]

June 07

The Adventures of Superman – “Atomic Fuel Cylinders Stolen”

Dr. Dahlgren’s Atomic Beam fuel cylinders have been stolen by “The Yellow Mask.” The Adventures of Superman – “Atomic Fuel Cylinders Stolen” – February 28, 1940

June 06

Captive Wild Woman (1943 Universal Pictures Full Film)

Exotic animal trainer, Fred Mason, is returning from a safari where he captured a large selection of animals for John Whipple, his employer.  Whipple is the owner of a circus and often hires safari experts to routinely capture dangerous and rare animals from all over the world.  One such animal is Cheela, a gorilla who […]

June 06

The Warlord of Mars – “The Pit of Plenty” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

THE PIT OF PLENTY I did not languish long within the prison of Salensus Oll. During the short time that I lay there, fettered with chains of gold, I often wondered as to the fate of Thuvan Dihn, Jeddak of Ptarth. My brave companion had followed me into the garden as I attacked Thurid, and […]

June 06

The Shadow – “White God”

The Shadow and Margot visit an island to find out why a dozen ships have vanished in “The Graveyard of the Pacific.” The Shadow – “White God” – May 1st, 1938

June 05

Bowery at Midnight (Monogram Pictures 1942 Full Film)

A professor of psychology maintains a soup kitchen in the Bowery.  Secretly, however, he’s also a gang boss who uses the soup kitchen to recruit members for his organization.  One such recruit is a doctor who has become addled and addicted to drugs and alcohol.  The doctor, however, happens to be quite adept at corpse […]

June 05

Suspense – “In Fear and Trembling”

“At the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea is the grey stone mansion weather-beaten by the storms of several decades. To this mansion four years ago Gilbert Durant brought his wife Lucia and until a year ago when Lucia’s half-sister came to live with them they were quite happy. The gradually something began to […]

June 04

The Black Cat (1941 Full Movie)

An oldie and a goodie.  The Black Cat, which is loosely based on Edgar Allan Poe‘s short story of the same name stars Basil Rathbone, Bela Lugosi, and Alan Ladd.  Lugosi also starred in the earlier 1934 film with the same title.

June 04

The Warlord of Mars – “With the Yellow Men” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

WITH THE YELLOW MEN Thuvan Dihn was not long in joining me; and, though we found the hooked weapon a strange and savage thing with which to deal, the three of us soon despatched the five black-bearded warriors who opposed us. When the battle was over our new acquaintance turned to me, and removing the […]

June 04

Buck Rogers and the 25th Century – “Black Barney is Under Control of Killer Kane”

The plot is in the title!  😛 Buck Rogers and the 25th Century – “Black Barney is Under Control of Killer Kane” – April 19th, 1939

May 02

The Warlords of Mars – “Through the Carrion Caves” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

THROUGH THE CARRION CAVES Straight toward the north, day and night, our destination compass led us after the fleeing flier upon which it had remained set since I first attuned it after leaving the thern fortress. Early in the second night we noticed the air becoming perceptibly colder, and from the distance we had come […]

May 02

X Minus One – “First Contact”

A classic story of the first encounter with an alien race and the mutual distrust that would involve—neither ship wishes to be the first to depart for fear of giving away clues of their origin to a potential adversary. X Minus One – “First Contact” – October 6th, 1955

May 01

Frankenstein (1931 Universal Studios Film)

A true riveting classic in the truest sense in horror movies.  Universal Studios floating on the success of Dracula continued the fright fest with their rendition of Frankenstein in 1931.  Directed by James Whale and adapted from the Mary Shelley play about a mad-scientist who exhumes corpses to build a new man.  However, there was […]

May 01

The Warlord of Mars – “New Allies” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

NEW ALLIES Surrounded by guardsmen I marched back along the corridors of the palace of Kulan Tith, Jeddak of Kaol, to the great audience chamber in the center of the massive structure. As I entered the brilliantly lighted apartment, filled with the nobles of Kaol and the officers of the visiting jeddak, all eyes were […]

April 30

Secret Sunday (2010 Full Film)

Three guys in an art gallery are attacked by a strange creature and murdered to hook you in.  Cut to Poon, an attractive young woman ends up seeing mysterious figures throughout her story.  She meets a monk, Sujitto, and her friend Nat where they embark on a journey to a temple where they experience frightening […]

April 30

The Warlord of Mars – “A Hero in Kaol” by Edgar Rice Burroughs

A HERO IN KAOL It was daylight when I was awakened by the sound of stealthy movement near by. As I opened my eyes Woola, too, moved and, coming up to his haunches, stared through the intervening brush toward the road, each hair upon his neck stiffly erect. At first I could see nothing, but […]

April 30

The Adventures of Superman – “Dr. Dahlgrens Atomic Beam Machine”

“The Yellow Mask” steals Professor Dahlgren’s atomic beam machine that can utterly destroy anything at the atomic level and Superman must do something about it before “The Yellow Mask” takes over the world.  Also, this is Lois Lane’s first official meeting with Clark Kent. The Adventures of Superman – “Dr. Dahlgrens Atomic Beam Machine” – February […]

April 28

Witch Hunter Robin E6 – “Raindrops”

“Raindrops” Robin’s Vespa runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere, but she’s soon rescued from an approaching thunderstorm by Eiko Yano, who offers her a lift back into town. But when her benefactor is found dead the very next day, Robin finds herself mixed up in a case where the size of one’s foe is […]

April 28

YU YU HAKUSHO S1E56 – “Three Monsters”

“Three Monsters” Koenma reveals to Yusuke that he is a spirit detective, and must use his own unique abilities to battle demons and other threats to the Living World. Koenma additionally gives Yusuke a mission to recover three artifacts stolen by master thieves of the Spirit World. Yusuke first encounters Gouki, the first thief who […]

April 28

Record of Lodoss War E6 – “The Sword of the Dark Emperor”

“The Sword of the Dark Emperor” The Marmo forces attack Valis leaving nothing behind but scorched earth in a ploy to draw Fahn out to Beld. Having learnt Karla’s intentions from Wort, the group races back to Valis. Upon meeting some badly injured villagers, Parn, Deedlit and Woodchuck leave to inform King Fahn of what […]