Captive Wild Woman (1943 Universal Pictures Full Film)


Exotic animal trainer, Fred Mason, is returning from a safari where he captured a large selection of animals for John Whipple, his employer.  Whipple is the owner of a circus and often hires safari experts to routinely capture dangerous and rare animals from all over the world.  One such animal is Cheela, a gorilla who seems to mimic human beings very well and is often referred to by Mason as being the most gentle and affectionate animal he has ever captured.  

Cheela is later stolen by a mad scientist, Dr. Walter’s,  who replaces it’s glandular secretions and changes Cheela into a beautiful woman, Paula Dupree who has jealousy issues and intense primal rage which she ends up directing on innocent and unsuspecting victims and a trail of murder ensue.  

Captive Wild Woman stars Evelyn AnkersJohn CarradineMilburn Stone, and introducing Acquanetta. The picture was released by Universal Pictures and was directed by Edward Dmytryk.