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March 19

The Beast Master 2: Through the Portal of Time (1991 Full Film)

Dar, the Beastmaster returns as evil once again rises to threaten the people of his realm.  Arklon reveals himself to Dar has his half-brother and intends to conquer the world with the help of Lyranna, a powerful sorceress.  A portal to present day Los Angeles opens up and Dar is sent hurtling through the dimension […]

February 26

The Beastmaster (1982 Full Film)

A witch steals a child from her mother’s womb and raises the child into…Dar!  The Beast Master!  He has the ability to telepathically commune and command animals.  Dar is raised in a village where he must master the sword and defend justice with brutality and wisdom.  However, when the village is destroyed by unknown warriors it […]

February 22

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970 Full Film)

Okay talk about a super strange movie but you can’t help but be mesmerized by it.   It’s about a young Valerie whom is very pretty in an ethereal sort of way and her earrings get stolen. Things just get stranger and stranger from there.  Definitely a surreal film with vampires and other horror tropes.  You can’t help […]

February 21

Alien vs Ninja (2010 Full Film)

Yamata leads a crack band of elite ninja warriors.  His friends Jinnai and Nezumi are instructed to investigate a crash from a strange object that crashed from the sky.  When Jinnai and Nezumi arrive, there they discover the torn up remains of other ninjas.  Upon further investigation, they come across a village that was completely […]

February 20

Metropia (2009 Full Film)

In the near future the world is running low on resources.  Peak oil has arrived and to keep peace corporations have risen up to control the destiny of humankind.  “Dangst“, a shampoo has a chemical in it that allows the Trexx corporation to control and monitor the thoughts of the population and control every aspect […]

February 19

Six-String Samurai – (1998 Full Movie)

“In 1957, the bomb dropped, and the Russians took over what was America. The last bastion of freedom became a place called Las Vegas and Elvis was crowned King. After forty rockin’ years, The King is dead. Every guitar picking sword swinging opportunist, including Death himself, hears the call echoing across the wastelands. Vegas needs […]

February 16

Bad Taste (1987 Full Movie)

The Astro Investigation and Defense Service (AIDS) sends a crack squad of out of shape quirky badasses to investigate the disappearance of every single person in the tow of Kaihoro, New Zealand.  Upon arrival Derek, Frank, Barry, and Ozzy discover that the entire town has been overrun by aliens from a faraway planet and they […]

February 15

Embryo (1976 Full Movie)

So hopefully everyone had fun yesterday on Valentine’s day.  Now to show you what happens if you weren’t very responsible!  Enter Embryo!  A movie about a geneticist, Dr. Paul Holliston, who discovered a hormone that rapidly encourages the growth of embryonic tissues in living animals…or people.  🙂 In typical mad scientist fashion, he begins his […]

February 14

The Beach Girls and the Monster (1965 Full Movie)

To celebrate Valentines Day we’ve decided to honor an old tradition by bringing back the Beach Party movie!  You can thank us later but I have a feeling you probably would rather stab us in our eyeballs and say “How dare you?!”   Today’s movie is a throwback from 1965 titled The Beach Girls and the […]

February 13

Radar Men from the Moon (1952 Full Serial)

Researcher and world renown inventor, Commando Cody (George Wallace), is also a superhero who flies around on his sonic-powered rocket pack and stylish leather jacket.  He comes with a rocket ship that can make it to the moon in record time!  The perfect hero for a mission for the U.S. government when it comes under […]

February 12

Man-Made Monster (1941 Full Film)

Tragedy occurs when a bus runs into a high voltage power line.  Everyone dies except for Dan McCormick (Lon Chaney, Jr.), who emerges from the wreckage discovering that he is immune to the effects of electricity.  After a brief stint of survivors remorse, he joins a sideshow act as Dynamo Dan, the Electric Man. Dr. Lawrence takes […]

February 09

Black Friday (1940 Full Movie)

George Kingsley was run over while crossing the street by a speeding gangster.  Before his imminent death his best friend and mad scientist, Dr. Ernest Sovac thought he would be a good friend and replace the damaged parts of George’s brain with that of the gangster that ran him over. Eventually, something terrible happens.  George […]

February 08

Albino Farm (2009 Full Film)

If ever you come across a town out in the middle of nowhere called Shiloh and an old blind gas station owner tells you a creepy legend of creepy mutated religious fanatics lacking skin pigmentation you should probably just keep on driving.  Too bad Stacy, Melody, Sanjay, and Brian never got the memo. They nearly […]

February 07

Curse of the Puppet Master – (1998 Full Movie)

The sixth installment of the Puppet Master franchise, the Curse of the Puppet Master was a direct-to-video release and explores what happens when you place the soul of a human and turn them into a demonically charged super puppet.  Nothing could go wrong with that of course.  Monsanto could only wish for such success I’m sure! […]

February 06

Aenigma (1987 Full Film)

Today we visit St. Mary’s College for girls, where we follow Kathy, who keeps to herself and is socially awkward.  However, her life will take a serious turn for the dramatic and horrible.  Kathy would become the victim of a practical joke that was played on her by a group of assholes and a CrossFit gym […]

February 05

A*P*E (1976 Full Film)

He’s a 36-foot tall behemoth of a gorilla and he escapes from an oil tanker.  Watch him battle with a great white shark before he reaches landfall and destroys civilization.  Just because!  Then we’ll see him wrestle a giant python all before he fist kidnapping of the day!   In his grasp, the beautiful Marilyn (Joanna Kerns) […]

January 23

Color Me Blood Red (1965 Full Film)

So what happens if your an obsessive-compulsive painter who really hates the color of his paints?  Store bought paints just can’t get that natural color these days?  Adam Sorge has the solution for you.  Need that bright red color for your masterpiece?  His solution…go on a killing rampage and harvest the natural colors he needs to […]

January 10

The Mad Magician (1954 Full Movie)

It seems even Magicians are victims of copyright infringement.  Don Gallico, played by legendary actor Vincent Price, dons the magician’s cape and devil curls to bring life into an early 3D film that Price is perfect for.  During the unveiling of a new magic, trick lawyers show up with an injunction forbidding him from using the […]

January 09

The Ape Man (1943 Full Movie)

Ever want to see Bela Lugosi in a rip off of the teen wolf outfit?  Yeah, me neither but Bela Lugosi sure knows how to sell this role in The Ape Man!  Starring legendary Bela Lugosi as Dr. James Brewster and Henry Hall as Dr. Randall, two mad scientists who are set out in a scientific […]

December 04

The Monster Walks (1932 Full Film)

Ruth Earlton and her fiance Dr. Ted Carver are summoned to her father’s house on a dark and stormy night (of course).  Upon arrival, they are informed that Ruth’s father has passed away and the family is gathered to read his last will and testament.   Before the will is read the family takes the time […]

October 31

Halloween Edition: The Devil Rides Out (1968 Hammer Full Film)

This year we start our own Halloween tradition.  Every Halloween we all dress up as ghouls, ghosts, slashers, zombies, werewolves, & vampires.  Something about our past keeps coming back each and every year to remind us of the one night a year that it’s okay to love being scared and to have fun with it.  […]

October 30

Halloween Edition: Horror of Dracula (1958 Hammer Full Film)

You can’t have Halloween without one of it’s most iconic characters.  The Dark Lord of the Vampires himself, Dracula!  There are horror movies and then there are Hammer Horror movies.  Sure you can pick up any old Dracula film and pretty much get the same story but you won’t get the polish and the enchantment […]

October 24

Halloween Edition: “Blood of Dracula” (Full Movie)

Nancy Perkins (Sandra Harrison) is enrolled in a private school after her father marries a bitch of step-mother she is now trapped in a school complete with mean bully women who make Nancy’s life a living hell in her new home.  To build her confidence she undergoes hypnosis but is turned into a vampire!  Time […]

October 19

Halloween Edition: The Corpse Vanishes (1942 Full Film)

Orchids are often sent to weddings.  However, not when a mad scientist sends them to a young bride that appears to kill her!  When in actuality she was placed in suspended animation where the mad scientist (played by legendary Bela Lugosi) steals her body.  Why?  To steal her glandular fluid of course!  Everyone knows that glandular […]

October 18

Halloween Edition: Shark Night (2011 Full Movie)

A group of college undergrads decides to get away from it all so they venture to their friend’s vacation home that sets upon a private lake.  However, the fun is interrupted when Mike loses his arm to seemingly random shark attack!  When they try to escape the island it becomes very clear that the sharks […]

October 17

Halloween Edition: The Crazies (2010 Full Movie)

Who says nothing ever happens in Iowa?  I mean, one day you’re at a baseball game watching the kids have fun then the next thing you know the town drunk shows up with a shotgun and you’re forced to bring him down.  Lot’s of paperwork I’m sure but who has time for that when the […]

October 16

Halloween Edition: Audition (1999 Full Movie)

Every country does their horror a tad differently.  Japanese horror is definitely in a league of their own.  Take tonight’s movie, Audition, for example.  It’s about a widower who at his son’s request finally move on and find a new wife.  So what do they do?  They hold auditions to find a new prospective wife.  […]

October 12

Halloween Edition: The Brain (1988) Full Movie

A television show called “Independent Thinkers” is hosted by Dr. Blakely.  A psychiatrist who runs a mega-popular self-help talk show that was commonplace in the 80’s.  However, the audience is doing absolutely zero independent thinking of their own.  He secretly is controlling them with the help of an alien organism that allows him to replace their thoughts […]

October 11

Halloween Edition: Burnt Offerings (1976 Full Film)

I think I was like ten years old when I first saw “Burnt Offerings”.  It was the first time I had seen a haunted house movie and it scared the urge to pee right outta me.  Sure there are lots of haunted house movies but very few are actually scary or even psychological in some […]

October 10

The Bloody Pit of Horror (1965 Full Movie)

Halloween wouldn’t be right if we didn’t’ invite the Italians.  Noon can quite do the horror the way the Italians do.  In this juicy flick there is a group that includes Rick (Walter Bigari) a writer, Daniel Parks (Alfredo Rizzo) the publisher, Edith (Luisa Baratto) the secretary, Dermott (Ralph Zucker) the photographer, and of course […]