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October 19

Halloween Edition: The Corpse Vanishes (1942 Full Film)

Orchids are often sent to weddings.  However, not when a mad scientist sends them to a young bride that appears to kill her!  When in actuality she was placed in suspended animation where the mad scientist (played by legendary Bela Lugosi) steals her body.  Why?  To steal her glandular fluid of course!  Everyone knows that glandular […]

October 18

Halloween Edition: Shark Night (2011 Full Movie)

A group of college undergrads decides to get away from it all so they venture to their friend’s vacation home that sets upon a private lake.  However, the fun is interrupted when Mike loses his arm to seemingly random shark attack!  When they try to escape the island it becomes very clear that the sharks […]

October 17

Halloween Edition: The Crazies (2010 Full Movie)

Who says nothing ever happens in Iowa?  I mean, one day you’re at a baseball game watching the kids have fun then the next thing you know the town drunk shows up with a shotgun and you’re forced to bring him down.  Lot’s of paperwork I’m sure but who has time for that when the […]

October 16

Halloween Edition: Audition (1999 Full Movie)

Every country does their horror a tad differently.  Japanese horror is definitely in a league of their own.  Take tonight’s movie, Audition, for example.  It’s about a widower who at his son’s request finally move on and find a new wife.  So what do they do?  They hold auditions to find a new prospective wife.  […]

October 12

Halloween Edition: The Brain (1988) Full Movie

A television show called “Independent Thinkers” is hosted by Dr. Blakely.  A psychiatrist who runs a mega-popular self-help talk show that was commonplace in the 80’s.  However, the audience is doing absolutely zero independent thinking of their own.  He secretly is controlling them with the help of an alien organism that allows him to replace their thoughts […]

October 11

Halloween Edition: Burnt Offerings (1976 Full Film)

I think I was like ten years old when I first saw “Burnt Offerings”.  It was the first time I had seen a haunted house movie and it scared the urge to pee right outta me.  Sure there are lots of haunted house movies but very few are actually scary or even psychological in some […]

October 10

The Bloody Pit of Horror (1965 Full Movie)

Halloween wouldn’t be right if we didn’t’ invite the Italians.  Noon can quite do the horror the way the Italians do.  In this juicy flick there is a group that includes Rick (Walter Bigari) a writer, Daniel Parks (Alfredo Rizzo) the publisher, Edith (Luisa Baratto) the secretary, Dermott (Ralph Zucker) the photographer, and of course […]

October 05

Halloween Edition: Cry of the Werewolf (1944 Full Film)

A Romani gypsy princess is actually a werewolf.  She uses her curse to protect the tomb of her mother Marie LaTour whom she inherited the curse from.  Anyone who discovers the tomb is just a tasty meal to this beautiful gypsy.   Also known as Daughter of the Werewolf, Cry of the Werewolf stars the lovely […]

October 04

Halloween Edition: H.P. Lovecraft’s: Necronomicon (1993 Full Film)

Possibly one of our favorite horror anthology movies ever made.  Like most Lovecraft films of the late 80’s and early 90’s, they were mostly brought to life by one of our favorite horror movie directors Brian Yuzna.  Christophe Gains and Shusuke Kaneko also brought their talent to this great campy film that you just can not help […]

October 03

Halloween Edition: Alone in the Dark (1982 Full Film)

Dr. Bain operates a psychiatric recovery home because we all know that’s always a fun occupation during Halloween.  On the third floor of the home houses all the real loonies.  We have a Preacher who is obsessed with pyromania, Byron “Preacher” Sutcliff.  Next door we have former POW Frank Hawkes who is just a tad […]

October 02

Halloween Edition: The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971 Full Movie)

This year we start off our Halloween edition of Cryptic Escape Magazine with a funny and quirky horror movie from the master of horror himself, Vincent Price!  Honestly, there is no better way to start the month of October without Vincent Prince in your living room scaring the hell out of your kids.  As always, […]

September 27

Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959 Full Film)

Deep in the Florida Everglades, locals are mysteriously turning up missing.  Two such victims are Liz Walker and her lover.  The game warden, Steven Benton, sets out to solve the mystery of the missing locals and is aided by his woman, Nan Grayson and her father Doc Grayson.  Benton discovers a pair of giant leeches […]

September 25

Portrait of Jennie (1948 Full Film)

Nearly homeless, hungry, and ready to give up, Eben Adams (Joseph Cotten), encounters a little girl named Jennie Appleton (Jennifer Jones) in Central Park in New York City.  Jennie is wearing clothes from an older period and she ends up creating a sketch from her memory involving him with his art dealer Miss Spinney (Ethel […]

September 20

The Dybbuk (1937 Full Movie)

A young bride is possessed by the soul of a dead person on the night before her wedding. This evil malicious entity in Jewish folklore is known as a Dybbuk.  The Dybbuk is based on a play based on the Jewish folklore called The Dybbuk by S. Ansky, who spent many years traveling in research […]

September 19

Max Steel (2016 Full Movie)

Mysterious forces threaten our world.  An unlikely origin story of a teenager, Max McGrath, becomes bonded to a strange alien entity that grants Max incredible powers to combat the forces of evil.  That’s all I got… Max Steel is supposed to be a superhero action film based on an action figure and cartoon.  It worked […]

September 18

Boogeyman (2005 Film)

Tim Jensen becomes witness to the abduction by his father by the mythological Boogeyman.  A creature of tremendous evil that lives in every closet.  As the years pass for Tim his paranoia builds around him as fear of the Boogeyman is ever present in his life.  He takes odd precautions, such as actually removing closets […]

September 14

Death Machine (1994 Full Movie)

In your very near future (2003), Chaank Armament, a powerful megacorporation is the preeminent manufacturer of high tech people killing military weaponry.  They create a superior super soldier complete with cybernetic enhancements.  Code Name:  Hard Man.  Who then malfunctions and goes on a murderous rampage of death and destruction of course.  Because that’s what robot super soldiers […]

September 12

Krull (1983 Full Movie)

“A girl of ancient name that shall become queen.  That she shall choose a king, and that together they shall rule their world, and that their son shall rule the galaxy.” An ageless entity known as the “Beast” invades the primitive planet of Krull with his technologically advanced army of “Slayers”.  This Beast moves about […]

September 11

The Asphyx (1972 Full Movie)

Could we be immortal?  The ancient Greeks believed that a force known as an “Asphyx” departed from our bodies at the moment of death.  What would happen if someone were to capture and contain such a force?  Parapsychologist Hugo Cunningham (Robert Stevens) desires to find out!   Cunningham discovers the asphyx by photographing people at the moment […]

September 07

Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961 Full Movie)

What do youy get when you mix Roger Corman with the Cuban Revolution?  Over the top names and characters, a crazy plot, and a good time!  Join Renzo Capetto (Anthony Carbone), a deported gambler and over all scoundrel from American, comes up with the perfect money making scam.  He will use his boat to help […]

September 06

Prehistoric Women (1950 Full Movie)

Even in the stone age, women hated all the men.  Tigri (Laurette Luez), an Amazon seeks out to find men who have become a “necessary evil” and only seek to capture them for the purpose of procreation.  Engor (Allan Nixon) escapes the Amazons and then discover fire and then must battle a giant prehistoric monster! Definitely […]

September 05

King of the Rocketmen (1949 Serial)

Dr. Vulcan, an evil genius sets out to conquer the world.  But first, he needs to destroy the greatest organization of scientific achievements, the Science Associates.  Dr. Millard (James Craven) narrowly escapes with his life and goes into hiding to save himself from Dr. Vulcan.   Dr. Millard convinces his colleague, Jeff King (Tristram Coffin), […]

August 28

Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars (1938 Serials)

A devastating beam of energy disrupts and begins destroying the atmosphere of Earth.  Flash Gordon (Larry “Buster” Crabbe), the genius Dr. Zarkov (Frank Shannon), and the beautiful Dale Arden (Jean Rogers) launch a rocket ship believing that once again Earth is under attack by the planet Mongo.  However; they soon find out that the attack […]

August 24

Faust (1926 Full Film)

Faust, or what we like to call “How the hell did they do that shot?!” is a spectacular 1926 film.  Directed by legendary F.W. Murnau and stars Gosta Ekman as Faust.  Emil Jannings as the villainous Mephisto.  Camilla Horn as the beautiful Gretchen.  Frida Richard as Gretchen’s mother.  Wilhelm Dieterle as Gretchen’s brother, and Yvette Guilbert as […]

August 23

The Bye Bye Man (2017 Full Movie)

Don’t say it.  Don’t think it.  Don’t say it! Don’t think it!  That will be running through your head by bedtime tonight and you probably won’t get much sleep.  The Bye Bye Man is one of your better horror movies of 2017 that is campy yet fresh.  Adapted from The President’s Vampire by Robert Damon […]

August 22

The 8th Plague (2006 Full Movie)

Low budget horror night here at Cryptic Escape.  The 8th Plague is a 2006 horror film directed by Franklin Guerrero Jr. It stars Charles Edwin Powell, DJ Perry, and Leslie Ann Valenza.  We occasionally show case these low budget indie films to support the genre and keep the imagination alive.  Just because a movie isn’t big budget […]

August 21

The Addiction (1995 Full Movie)

A philosophy student from NYU, Kathleen Conklin (Lili Taylor) is suddenly attacked by a woman, “Casanova” (Annabella Sciorra), in a dark alley.  Cassanova tells Kathleen to “Order me to go away” however Kathleen is so filled with fear she can’t do so.  Casanova bites her and from there on the movie turns into a visceral […]

August 16

Children of the Corn (1984 Full Movie)

When you think of Stephen King films one that will probably come to your mind first is Children of the Corn.  It’s freaking scary, believable characters, and lots of damn spooky children.  Even the bad guy has a super cool title that instills mystery and terror.  “He Who Walks Behind the Rows” entices the children […]

August 15

And Now the Screaming Starts (1973 Full Movie)

One thing the Brits are really good at are cranking how high-concept horror movies.  “And Now the Screaming Starts” is a less than perfect example of this.  Starring the legendary Peter Cushing and Patrick Magee we’re introduced to how boring 1795 really is. The movie was written by Roger Marshall and based on the novel Fengriffen […]

August 14

The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962 Full Movie)

Tonight we bring you an old favorite.  The Brain That Wouldn’t Die!  It was directed by Joseph Green and written by Rex Carlton and Joseph Green.  The movie was actually filmed and canned in 1959 with the title “The Black Door” however it would not be theatrically released until May of 1962.  It was renamed […]