The Polar Bear King (1991 Full Movie)

the polar bear king

Don’t let the generic title fool you.  The Polar Bear King is a surreal and entertaining movie about a king who had three daughters.  Two of them were mean bitches while the youngest was fair, beautiful, and kind.  The youngest daughter has a dream about a wreath made of gold and tells her father about it.  He then finds a goldsmith to make the wreath but the wreaths came nowhere near close enough to what was in her dream.  Then one day she comes across a polar bear in the woods and sees that the bear actually has in its possession the golden wreath she had dreamt about.  

The young girl asks for the wreath but rather instead of giving her the wreath the bear gave her the option to go away with him on a fantastic journey in which she would only have three days to prepare.  When she returned home she told her father, the kind she was leaving but the king refused and raised his army to stop the bear when it came for her.

Then starts the adventure based on a Norwegian fairytale from the book Tales from the Fjeld.