House of Dracula (1945 Universal Pictures Full Film)


Tired of immortality, Dracula seeks out the castle home of Dr. Franz Edlemann, a doctor who has been working on a possible cure for vampirism.  Dracula relocates to the home permanently to receive a series of transfusions of blood mixed with the clavaria formosa.  The mysterious plant that can change the structure and qualities of bone and that might just cure the evil count.  Also arriving is Lawrence Talbot.  Otherwise known as the Wolfman.  He too is seeking out a cure for his lycanthropy.  But what happens when your physician becomes evil like you and resurrects Frankensteins monster?

House of Dracula is a direct sequel to House of Frankenstein and continued the theme of combining Universal’s three most popular monsters: Frankenstein’s monster (Glenn Strange), Count Dracula (John Carradine), and the Wolf Man (Lon Chaney Jr.). This would be the seventh Universal film to feature Frankenstein’s monster, as well as the fourth with Count Dracula and the Wolf Man.  Even though it was successful, this would be near the end of the Universal Monster movie saga featuring these iconic characters.