The Beast Master 2: Through the Portal of Time (1991 Full Film)


Dar, the Beastmaster returns as evil once again rises to threaten the people of his realm.  Arklon reveals himself to Dar has his half-brother and intends to conquer the world with the help of Lyranna, a powerful sorceress.  A portal to present day Los Angeles opens up and Dar is sent hurtling through the dimension with his animal compadres and must stop Arklon and Lyranna from capturing a neutron bomb so they can return to their realm and conquer!  

Beastmaster 2:  Through the Portal of Time is a sequel to the 1982 film, The Beastmaster.  The role of Dar is reprised by Marc Singer who joins forces with Jackie (Kari Wuhrer).  The role of Arklon is played by Wings Hauser who is joined in his villainy by Sarah Douglass.