Jungle Woman (1944 Universal Pictures Full Film)


In the sequel to Captive Wild Woman, we see the return of Paula Dupree, the ape woman.  The film sets out as a series of flashbacks rehashing the events of the previous film.  We learn then that Paula indeed survived as Cheela.  Once revived she is can turn to her human form this time without the need of having glandular fluids.  However, jealousy is a beast incredibly hard to vanquish.  Paula falls in love with Bob and once again we see a murderous rampage of a sexy primitive woman!

Jungle Woman was released by Universal Pictures and stars AcquanettaEvelyn AnkersJ. Carrol NaishSamuel S. HindsLois CollierMilburn Stone, and Douglass Dumbrille. This is a sequel to Captive Wild Woman and was later followed by yet another sequel, The Jungle Captive.