The 10th Kingdom Part 2 (2000 Miniseries)


There are nine magical kingdoms hidden in a mysterious realm of fairy tale creatures, monsters, and heroes.  However; an evil queen endeavors to control the kingdoms under her rule tyrannical rule.  Prince Wendell, the grandson of Snow White, has trapped the queen in the Fourth Kingdom.  Though weeks, before he was supposed to become king the Troll King, frees the evil queen and her quest for control of the realms begins.  

Prince Wendell is turned into a Golden Retriever and he escapes through a mirror that lands him in New York City.  The Troll King sends out his sons and minions to travel to New York City and bring back the prince. The Queen also sends a half wolf to hunt down the prince and bring him back as well.

Virginia Lewis, a waitress who lives in Manhattan, and her father Tony become involved in the political kidnapping of the hidden Kingdoms.  Tony is given six wishes which he uses foolishly and all backfire and Virginia is pursued by the half-wolf because he had fallen in love with her.  The princes comes under the care of Virginia and she can tell there is something special about him.  Tony, accidentally uses his last wish, wishes to be able to communicate with the Golden Retriever.  The prince, reveals his identity and convinces Virginia and Tony to travel through the mirror into the Nine Kingdoms to break the spell and stop the queen!

The 10th Kingdom is a very popular miniseries written by Simon Moore and was produced by Hallmark Entertainment.  The series debut over five nights on NBC and won an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design and drew in over 14 million viewers.

Starring many popular actors of the time.  Virginia is played by Kimberly Williams-Paisley (the wife of Brad Paisley), Scott Cohen as Wolf (Max from Gilmore Girls), Ed O’Neil plays the Troll King (Al Bundy of course), John Larroquette plays as Tony (Dan Feilding from Night Court), Daniel Lapaine plays the prince, Dianne Wiest plays Christine, Rutger Hauer plays the Huntsman, Warwick Davis stars as the dwarf, and film legend Ann- Margret plays Cinderella.