Jungle Captive (1944 Universal Pictures Full Film)


The final chapter in the ape woman saga, Jungle Captive is the third film of the series.  It is preceded by Captive Wild Woman and Jungle Woman where we witness the ongoing struggle of beautiful women who have the superhuman strength of a gorilla and the temperament as well.  When will these mad scientists get the hint that they need to leave these chicks alone?

This time, the mad scientist is trying to defeat death and reanimate the dead.  This movie is complete with evil mutant henchmen, murder, and graverobbing.  Somehow, ape women are the key to the final mystery of death.  *shrug*.  But hey, Moloch is pretty cool!



Jungle Captive is a to Jungle Woman (1944), which had been preceded by Captive Wild Woman (1943). The Jungle Captive features Otto KrugerAmelita Ward, and Rondo HattonVicky Lane plays Paula Dupree, a lead character from the two earlier films. The film was written by Dwight V. Babcock and directed by Harold Young.