The Amityville Curse (1990 Full Movie)


We’ve all heard about the Amityville horror curse.  The house that had a red room devoted to Satan and caused a loving husband to turn and slaughter his entire family with an ax?  Well, what would happen if, say, a couple buys the house because it was a good deal?  We’ve heard this before and of course, things go awry when strange things begin to happen.  Certain sounds, chilling winds, oh and a guy getting possessed and going on a killing spree.  All in good spend the night in a haunted house kinda fun.

The Amityville Curse is based, very loosely, around the book The Amityville Curse written by Hans Holzer and is the 5th film in the Amityville series.  The film doesn’t even feature the same house and in a totally different address than the rest of famous series of movies.  The plot of the film is in no way connected to the previous film and attempt to set out with its own story contrary to the belief from the Amityville fans that it was in the original house.  Even in the film’s promotional poster, it claims “A Return to the Most Dangerous House in the World.”

Though the reference to the murder of the DeFeo family does pop up to hint at a supernatural connection.  All in all, it’s a nice direction for the film and it isn’t terrible and you should at least see it once so you can finally say you’ve seen all the Amityville movies.

buy3._V192207739_ Note:  This is a region 2 DVD.