Secret Sunday (2010 Full Film)


Three guys in an art gallery are attacked by a strange creature and murdered to hook you in.  Cut to Poon, an attractive young woman ends up seeing mysterious figures throughout her story.  She meets a monk, Sujitto, and her friend Nat where they embark on a journey to a temple where they experience frightening dreams and visions.  Poon is then haunted by a mysterious figure and ghostly children.  Poon and Nat undergo a sixth sense type of awakening as they travel temple to temple in a search for personal truth as Poon must relive the terrible moments of people’s deaths and past lives.

Secret Sunday is a directed by Saranyu Jiralaksanakul and stars Siraphun Wattanajinda and James Alexander.  The movie is strange, that’s really all we have to say about it.  😛