Alligator (1980 Full Movie)


We’ve been there at one point in our lives or another.  Your little child wants a pet and being an awesome parent you decide to buy her a baby alligator while on a Florida vacation.  So when you return to Chicago and let her name the alligator Ramón.  However, being a little bitch your significant other flushes the family’s beloved gator down the toilet to be rid of it once and for all!

How could you have known that alligators thrive in sewers by feeding off the other discard pets who were flushed down the toilets?  Some of those pets were part of a government science program where they were experimenting with artificial growth hormones and genetics.  Basically the best gator food!

After years of exposure, Ramón grows to a staggering eleven freaking meters!  Deciding he has had enough of the sewer life he begins turning his voracious appetite on humans and seeks to be reunited with the little girl who tossed her down the toilet all those many years ago.  Because…family pets!

Alligator is directed by Lewis Teague and written by John Sayles. It stars Robert ForsterRobin Riker, and Michael V. Gazzo. This would be Sue Lyon‘s last on-screen role.  A direct-to-video sequel would follow 11 years later, Alligator II:  The Mutation, however, the film would share no characters of the previous film and is basically Alligator with better camera quality.  Interestingly though, Ideal Toy Company would produce a tabletop game based on the Alligator.