Meet the Adventurer: Kieran Miradi

Kieran MiradiKieran Miradi was once a respected researcher amongst his peers.  Now the people in the region think Kieran has lost his marbles in his old age.  He has become more of a recluse in his old age and has received the title of the “Library’s Hermit”.  Where he spends nearly every waking moment of his time pouring over books over the years.  

When speaking to Kieran he uses polycyclic words in every sentence.  It becomes apparent almost immediately that he is not as addled as rumor would have you believe.  His many years of study in the Wizards college proves that and he has even turned down a tenured teaching position there so that he can seek out knowledge in his solitude.  He believes that without the burden of civilization he could better expand his knowledge.

Kieran had no idea just how correct he was.

Nearly two centuries ago while on an adventure he and his party came across a book.  It was bound in demonic flesh and penned in devil’s blood.  He poured decades of research into the book before finding out the terrible secret that the book held.

Kieran’s apparent drop from the Wizard’s college wasn’t by choice after all.  Out of necessity, he had started collecting books and reading every single tome on magic, religion, and arcane history he could get his hands on in an attempt to ascertain just how dangerous the book he had found really was.

Keeping the book a secret he hides it away but never far from him.  Whispers constantly torment him but he ignores them.  He believes that if the book were to fall into the wrong hands a terrible calamity would doom the entire region.

Kieran must solve this mystery, even at the cost of a civilization or two.  The fate of the entire realm could be in the balance…

Kieran Miradi Character Sheet