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October 07

Meet the Adventurer: Conrad Sternguard

If there was ever a face of the people it would be that of Conrad Sternguard.  Conrad’s home village was completely obliterated by rampaging Dragon.  All but four people perished in the razing of his hometown of Illidar. Conrad and his three friends, all under the age of ten, were out in the woods playing swords […]

October 07

Meet the Adventurer: Katharina DeArmado

The Auran Empire is a vast expanse from one end of the continent to the other.  No other Empire on Sora matches the amount of land it controls.  Maintaining such a large empire requires a lot of manpower.  From bureaucrats, militia, armies, infrastructure and of course spies. The DeArmado family is a very well known […]

October 06

Meet the Adventurer: Thramrem Wraithforge

The Clan of Wraithforge has been at one time a legendary name.  It was synonymous with monster slaying and crafting instruments of destruction of mighty beasts.  Many adventurers made a name for themselves with the aid of a Wraithforged weapon. Thramrem would risk the clan name, however.  For many generations, his family has carried on the Wraithforge […]

September 28

Meet the Adventurer: Kieran Miradi

Kieran Miradi was once a respected researcher amongst his peers.  Now the people in the region think Kieran has lost his marbles in his old age.  He has become more of a recluse in his old age and has received the title of the “Library’s Hermit”.  Where he spends nearly every waking moment of his […]