Meet the Adventurer: Katharina DeArmado

The Auran Empire is a vast expanse from one end of the continent to the other.  No other Katharina DeArmadoEmpire on Sora matches the amount of land it controls.  Maintaining such a large empire requires a lot of manpower.  From bureaucrats, militia, armies, infrastructure and of course spies.

The DeArmado family is a very well known aristocratic family.  They are practically an unofficial separate branch of government for the Auran Empire.  Everyone pretty much accepts that the DeArmado family is as much a part of the Empire as a person’s right hand.

How they’ve come to such power in the Empire goes back centuries.  They were masters of spycraft and diplomacy.  They knew they needed connections with both the underworld and the ruling elite.  Masterfully they infiltrated every noble house by marriage, bribes, or good old-fashioned blackmail.

The DeArmado has recently inducted it’s newest member into their ranks.  An adopted air genasi named Katharina.  Raised from her birth to be a master spy and double agent in the criminal underworld.  She has recently been tasked with an assignment before her initiation into the secret spy class that covertly runs the Empire.

Katharina has a haughty attitude and views all others as her inferiors however she knows that there is a great good to be had for her families dark deeds.  She isn’t afraid to go on a dangerous mission with a possibility of no return without a second thought.  Just don’t’ tell her the odds.

When the opportunity arises, Katharina isn’t afraid to steal from her own family, friends, or other wealthy people so that she may give the money to the needier.  She would never admit to this and usually has a surrogate donate on her behalf.

Her partner, whom she was romantically involved with, was on a mission a couple years back.  They knew the risks however it still doesn’t remove the sting when your loved one loses her life because of a mistake you make.  Not a day goes by that Katharina does not think about that mission and how it all went wrong.  Rather than give up, however, Katharina has sworn to never allow this to happen again, and no never love again.

Whenever Katharin lies she has a very distinct and obvious tell for those that know her.  Her right eyebrow goes up and she smirks.  A thrill she gets for lying and getting away with it.  She doesn’t bother lying to people she knows though cause they are usually well aware of her tell.

Katharina DeArmado‘s Character Sheet