Meet the Adventurer: Thramrem Wraithforge

The Clan of Wraithforge has been at one time a legendary name.  It was synonymousThramrem Wraithforge with monster slaying and crafting instruments of destruction of mighty beasts.  Many adventurers made a name for themselves with the aid of a Wraithforged weapon.

Thramrem would risk the clan name, however.  For many generations, his family has carried on the Wraithforge name and reputation.  The last war with the Blood Cloak Orc changed that in the last large battle where there were heavy casualties on both sides, Orc and Dwarf.

At the end of the battle, Thramrem would be only surviving male of his Clan.  With his father’s dying breathe he bestowed upon Thramren his mighty Axe, which had been a symbol of his families pride and honor for nearly a thousand years.  Thramren stood over his father’s dead and bloodied corpse and looked about the battlefield holding the Axe.

It was then he decided that the Wraithforge name would die.  Going against his father’s wishes he renounces the call of battle and his heritage.  The glory of battle and war would no longer fill the halls of the Iron Citadel, the capital of the Dwarven empire.  He banished himself from Dwarven lands.

Thramren kept his father’s ax though.  A reminder of the consequence of battle he would turn his back on all of that and spend the rest of his life in quiet solitude and prayer.  Untli recently the God Trithereon came to him in a dream and bestowed upon him a quest that feels in his very soul that he must complete.

Spending the past fifteen years with humans he has becomed learned in their customs and literature.  He has grown a habbit of using aphorisms and quoting inspiration proverbs for just about every occasion.  He also has picked up human curiosty and likes to get to know people and find as much as he can about them.

Thramrem made a choice over a decade ago that he was going to be free from heritage and reputation.  He believes that all beings need to follow the road to happiness and do what will as free beings.

Even though Thramrem renounced his heritage he is still a very skilled craftsman and blacksmith.  As much as he denies his family heritage whenever he travels he becomes jealous of other people’s works if they’re even in the slightest better and will refuse to admit his jealousy at other fine workmanship.

The god Tritheron has ordained that Thramrem must find a new wielder of his late father’s ax and to teach the skills of battle to one who is truly worthy. Thramrem has not yet left town but he is definitley getting things in order for a long journey.

Thramrem Wraithforge‘s Character Sheet