Meet the Adventurer: Conrad Sternguard

If there was ever a face of the people it would be that of Conrad Sternguard.  Conrade SternguardConrad’s home village was completely obliterated by rampaging Dragon.  All but four people perished in the razing of his hometown of Illidar.

Conrad and his three friends, all under the age of ten, were out in the woods playing swords and sorcery when the dragon attacked.  Through dumb luck of, they were left behind.  Conrad learned very quickly that they needed a leader to survive.  Conrad, though tearful at the thought his family suffered at being burned alive or eaten, mustered up the courage to leadership to bring his friends together.

For an entire year, they survived in the wilderness foraging and hunting until one day a Dwarven merchant party came upon them.  There was a small battle, mostly an embarrassment to the battle-hardened Dwarves for nearly loosing to Conrad’s force of four children. The Dwarves realized that these were no just feral children but tactically sound combatants and strategists.  The Dwarves took the children in, each raising the small human children in the Dwarven city of Iron Gate.  There Conrad was given an education and all the knowledge of tactics, war, and leadership from the Dwarven war masters.

Conrade, having mastered the books felt it was useless without action.  Conrade took it upon himself, mainly out of boredom, to actually become a legend.  He wanted to be the action hero he read about in all those mythical stories.

Conrade quickly became a local folk hero and much loved the people in the region.  Wherever he goes he never had to pay for ale, lodging, or bard’s tale for the people greatly love him.

Conrade, being raised by Dwarves for most of his life picked up many of their ideals.  Conrade only judges people by their actions, never their words and if someone is in trouble he will always lend a helping hand, especially if it’s a beautiful lass in distress.

Destiny is something that rules us all, Conrade feels.  Ever since the destruction of his hometown, he has felt he has been destined for something great and he is not sure what that is.  But the fates spared him for a reason he believes so is not afraid to answer a higher calling.

Conrade, when there is no adventure to be had, also earned the respect from the locals by volunteering his time to help others.  He helped many of the farmers tend to their land, he’s waited for drinks in the inns, he has even shoveled poo from the stables, all free of charge.  He knows that one day, by taking care of the people in his community they might take care of him when he most needs it.

Conrade is a military genius.  He has spent many of his years learning from the stingy Dwarven merchants the laws of economics.  With all this knowledge he can’t help but feel that if he were king, things would be perfect.  He knows that he would make a better tyrant and ruler the people would love him for it.  Conrade has never told anyone this because it’s still a silly notion that he would be the ruler of Auran one day.

Conrad Sternguard‘s Character Sheet