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November 07

Suspense – “Will You Walk Into My Parlor”

Unfortunately, only about 15 minutes of this program exists.  It’s even an honor to have these old gems preserved, even if only in a piece.  If you have any information where we could get our hands on the entire episode, the Old Time Radio fandom will be eternally grateful to you! Suspense – “Will You […]

June 05

Suspense – “In Fear and Trembling”

“At the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea is the grey stone mansion weather-beaten by the storms of several decades. To this mansion four years ago Gilbert Durant brought his wife Lucia and until a year ago when Lucia’s half-sister came to live with them they were quite happy. The gradually something began to […]

April 26

Suspense – “The Hangman Won’t Wait”

A woman awakes with no memory but the crushing reality of her situation becomes frighteningly clear when she finds out she awoke in prison.  Worse yet she’s on death row and scheduled for hanging for tomorrow!  Can a woman who had amnesia be sentenced to death for a crime she has no memory of? Suspense – […]

April 17

Suspense – “The Doctor Prescribed Death”

A psychologist, Antonio Bastille, believes that a person who is suicidal can be cured if they replace it with the desire to take someone else’s life instead.  Bela Lugosi and Geraldine Fitzgerald star in this weeks installment of Suspense.

February 21

Suspense – “The Pit and the Pendulum”

The suspense episode was adapted from an Edgar Allan Poe story. The narrator has to sit before seven judges that wants to torture him. As our narrator is waiting for his trial for death he can’t help but imagine the horror he is going through. The narrator soon becomes obsessed with the thought of it. […]

February 13

Suspense – “Nothing Up My Sleeve”

A man named “Shark” Morgan, who is missing his top lip and all his teeth are permanently exposed, walks into a bank and begins shooting the place up with this Tommy gun.  He makes off with $88,000 on New Years but who is really behind the bank robbery?  I wonder what happens if a bank could […]

February 05

Suspense -“Two Sharp Knives”

“Two Sharp Knives” was adapted from the short story of the same name by Dashiell Hammett, which was first published in Colliers, January 13,1934. Stories for Men: an Anthology (1944), also published the story.  John Dickson Carr, a staple of the Suspense radio drama adapted this story for radio. As the story begins, early in the morning a […]

October 17

Halloween Edition: Suspense – “Ghost Hunt”

Think the “Found Footage” genre is new?  Think again, Suspense had that in the bag back in the 40’s and it was way scarier than Blair Witch Project.  In Ghost Hunt, a radio host decides it would be a great idea to spend the night in a haunted house that is infamous for being haunted.  Needless to say, he […]

October 16

Halloween Edition: Suspense – “The Dunwich Horror”

      Suspense brings to life one of H.P. Lovecraft’s most memorable and frightening stories.  Wilbur Whateley, the village weirdo, desperately needs to get his hands on the local Miskatonic university’s ultra-rare book, the Necronomicon.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it?   Suspense – “The Dunwich Horror” November 1st, 1945

September 27

Suspense – “Til Death Do Us Part”

Being married for over seven years, Paul had once loved his wife.  He had loved her as no other man could love her.  Now when he sees her he is disgusted and is agitated at the very sight of her.  It grinds his gears even being near her. What happened?  10 months ago Paul had […]

September 14

Suspense – “The Bride Vanishes”

  A married couple must solve a mystery involving a disappearing bride and a haunted sea cave. Suspense – “The Bride Vanishes” by John Dickson Carr.   December 1, 1942.

August 28

Suspense – “The Body Snatchers”

  In old England, doctors would be brought human bodies for experimentation by grave robbers.  Body snatchers brought fear to the dead and the living all across England.  At that time only four bodies per year could be supplied to surgeons for their studies.  There was a constant demand for upcoming surgeons so they would […]

August 15

The CE Library: Suspense

One of the premier drama programs of the Golden Age of Radio, was subtitled “radio’s outstanding theater of thrills” and focused on suspense thriller-type scripts, usually featuring leading Hollywood actors of the era. Approximately 945 episodes were broadcast during its long run, and more than 900 still exist. Suspense went through several major phases, characterized by […]

August 10

Suspense – “Menace in Wax”

“During the French revolution of 1793, a Swiss girl copied in wax the severed heads of those had just been guillotined. She married a French Man named Tussard and came to London and she founded Madam Tussard’s Wax Works. There it is still in Marleborne near Baker Street station, not the original building, that was […]

June 08

Suspense – “Will You Make a Bet with Death”

A man bets his life against the $25,000 his uncle promises him if he can escape being murdered! Suspense “Will You Make a Bet with Death” by John Dickson Carr November 10th, 1942 One of the premier drama programs of the Golden Age of Radio, was subtitled “radio’s outstanding theater of thrills” and focused on suspense thriller-type […]

May 11

Suspense – The Devil in the Summer House

Let’s say you received a mysterious letter from someone who is already dead asking you to meet on a dark and stormy night in a creep old house.  Would you show up?  What if you had no choice?   “The Devil in the Summer House” was originally written by John Dickson Carr and adapted this […]

May 04

Suspense – The Lord of the Witch Doctors

“The drums were beating that night; the lord of the witch doctors was on his way. Twenty miles off the east African coast fanned by the blistering heat of the Indian Ocean lies the island of Zanzibar. Here many years ago in the year 1889 three nations were rivals for trades.” Suspense “The Lord of […]

April 27

Suspense – One Hundred in the Dark

Ever count to 100 in the pitch black?  Takes awhile doesn’t it?  In tonight’s episode of Suspense, titled “One Hundred in the Dark”, was adapted from a short story by Owen M. Johnson.  A prolific writer of murder mysteries. The writers of Suspense couldn’t make very many changes as none were needed.  The story does […]

April 20

Suspense – A Passage to Benares

In Suspense‘s “A Passage to Benares”  Paul Stewart stars as an American tourist in Trinidad who becomes caught in a murder investigation. This episode is based on the short story of the same name by T.S. Stribling, which was first published in Adventure magazine (Feb. 20, 1926). Suspense “A Passage to Benares” – August 23rd, […]

April 13

Suspense – The Kettler Method

The story begins in an isolated sanitarium located in upstate New York. It is night, and there is a dramatic rainstorm outside. All of the patients are restless but one, named Kettler, seems particularly upset.  Dr. Kettler, once a famous brain surgeon, had to be institutionalized after performing an unsuccessful operation. He is convinced that […]

April 06

Suspense – The Hitchhiker

The Suspense episode “The Hitchhiker” is well known because the radio play was transformed into a television episode, and it has since lived on in reruns. In this story, a supernatural hitchhiker follows the main character on a trip across the country. Orson Welles, for whom the role was written, first performed “The Hitchhiker” on […]

March 30

Suspense – The Cave of Ali Baba

Suspense‘s “The Cave of Ali Baba,” was closely adapted from the short story of the same name by Dorothy L. Sayers.  This episode originally aired on August 19th, 1942. One of the premier drama programs of the Golden Age of Radio, was subtitled “radio’s outstanding theater of thrills” and focused on suspense thriller-type scripts, usually […]

March 23

Suspense – Wet Saturday

It would have been just another day in the Princey household had it not been for the rain. If they had all been out doing what they had planned the murder would never have happened and the cover-up would not have been necessary.  Wet Saturday was a feature of Suspense and originally aired June 24, […]

March 16

Suspense – The Burning Court

The Burning Court is one spooky story indeed.  A story of poisoning with supernatural overtones. One of the guests at a dinner party is a murderer…which one?  Based upon a novel by John Dickson Carr. Suspense recreated the 1937 grizzly tale for audiences and to this day is a frightening foray into the classic Who dun […]

March 09

Suspense – The Lodger

Tonight’s fright is The Lodger, a Suspense radio drama that first aired July 22, 1940 and is thought to be the first very episode of this epic and prolific radio drama.  One of our personal favorites!  This episode is damn spooky! One of the premier drama programs of the Golden Age of Radio, was subtitled […]

February 14

From the Crypt We Make our Escape!

Welcome to Cryptic Escape Magazine!  We are an online Science-Fiction and Horror Magazine that seeks to help aspiring writers of our favorite genre break into the field!  We are a non-profit paying magazine and we will pay you for your work. We make our money in an attempt to break even through administrative fees.  We […]