Suspense – “Menace in Wax”

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“During the French revolution of 1793, a Swiss girl copied in wax the severed heads of those had just been guillotined. She married a French Man named Tussard and came to London and she founded Madam Tussard’s Wax Works. There it is still in Marleborne near Baker Street station, not the original building, that was destroyed by fire but it remained untouched. On a darker shadow, the revolution came to England, they blasted high explosives on that street all along the road and hit the cinema next door. We are going to London under the bomber. Late one night in March of 1941 a young man hurried up to the great vast doors of Madam Tussard’s…”

Suspense – “Menace in Wax” by John Dickson Carr.  November 17, 1942