Suspense -“Two Sharp Knives”

“Two Sharp Knives” was adapted from the short story of the same name by Dashiell Hammett, which was first published in Colliers, January 13,1934. Stories for Men: an Anthology (1944), also published the story.  John Dickson Carr, a staple of the Suspense radio drama adapted this story for radio.

As the story begins, early in the morning a police chief and one of his deputies arrive at a train station to take into custody a suspected murderer Lester Furman.  Once in custody, they take Furman down to the station house where Furman insists that he is innocent fo the crime.

Mysteriously Furman dies in his cell that morning and the agency that placed a warrant on Furman claims to have never done so and reveals he was actually a client of theirs.  The police chief must now unravel the mystery of what happened and who wanted Furman dead.

Suspense – “Two Sharp Knives” – December 22nd, 1942