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April 28

Witch Hunter Robin E6 – “Raindrops”

“Raindrops” Robin’s Vespa runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere, but she’s soon rescued from an approaching thunderstorm by Eiko Yano, who offers her a lift back into town. But when her benefactor is found dead the very next day, Robin finds herself mixed up in a case where the size of one’s foe is […]

April 21

Witch Hunter Robin E5 – “Smells Like the Wandering Spirit”

“Smells Like the Wandering Spirit” The STN-J has to look for a witch who has mysteriously disappeared. Investigating the places where the homeless of the city congregate, they hope to find a clue as to the location of their target. But when a regular human vagrant is driven mad by fear, they soon find themselves […]

April 14

Witch Hunter Robin E4 – “Stubborn Aesthetics”

“Stubborn Aesthetics” Robin Sena’s daily routine takes her through a park, after her morning prayers. When she discovers that three dead bodies were discovered there prior to her coming to Japan, she and Miho Karasuma decide to investigate further, unaware of the danger that they’re placing themselves in as their foe can flay a person alive.

February 24

Witch Hunter Robin – “E3: Dancing in Darkness”

“Dancing in Darkness”   When the bodies of mummified witches begin to turn up left and right, the STN-J team finds itself facing a serial murderer, who seems to be active every 40 years or so. But with the suspect of the earlier murders having been swept overboard at sea decades ago, who or what […]

February 17

Witch Hunter Robin – “Episode 2: Addicted to Power”

“Addicted to Power” The STN-J is ordered to take out Kazuya Misawa, a businessman recently acquitted of the charge of murdering his partner, which witnesses say was done by way of a curse. The media frenzy surrounding the case and an ex-cop with an ax to grind complicate matters as the team tries to ensure […]

February 10

Witch Hunter Robin – “Episode 1: Replacement”

Robin Sena arrives at the STN-J’s Raven’s Flat office in Tokyo a little earlier than expected, and is mistaken for “one of Amon’s girls”, so is told to go away. The STN-J’s witch hunting team discuss the previous night’s hunt and capture of Kent Nishihama who, under interrogation, had claimed to have acquired his power from his […]