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The CE Library: X Minus One

Initially a revival of NBC’s Dimension X (1950–51), the first 15 episodes of X Minus One were new versions of Dimension X episodes, but the remainder were adaptations by NBC staff writers, including Ernest Kinoy and George Lefferts, of newly published science fiction stories by leading writers in the field, Read More!

X Minus One – Mars is Heaven

When the first space rocket lands on Mars, what will we find? Only the ruins of a dead and deserted planet? Or will there be life? Intelligent life, in some strange form that we can only imagine? Will we be Read More!

X Minus One – The Parade

When a martian comes to town he needs to creative way to announce his arrival.  What better way then to hire an advertising company!  The Parade originally aired on January 25, 1956. Initially a revival of NBC’s Dimension X (1950–51), Read More!

X Minus One – No Contact

“No Contact” originally aired on April 24, 1955 as a feature from the very popular series X Minus One radio series. Initially a revival of NBC’s Dimension X (1950–51), the first 15 episodes of X Minus One were new versions Read More!