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April 14

Yu Yu Hakusho S1E4 – “Requirements for Lovers”

“Requirements for Lovers” Keiko goes to Yusuke’s house to watch over him. Multiple house fires were reported around the area. It is soon realized that Yusuke’s house becomes kindled after Keiko leaves. She returns to try to retrieve him from the flames. Yusuke has to decide between saving the girl he loves most and having […]

February 24

Yu Yu Hakusho – “S1 E3: Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men”

“Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men” Yusuke discovers that Kuwabara has been forced by a cruel and corrupt teacher into a policy of strict nonviolence for a week, having the risk of one of his own friends losing his after-school job and being unable to support his family. The teacher, witnessing Kuwabara’s determination to keep his […]

February 17

Yu Yu Hakusho – “Episode 2: Koenma Appears”

“Koenma Appears” Yusuke meets Koenma, son of the ruler of the Spirit World, and is given the task of raising a spirit egg that, when hatched, may return him to his body. Yusuke appears to Keiko in a dream to tell her that he will soon be revived. He later possesses the body of Kuwabara for […]

February 10

Yu Yu Hakishu – “Episode 1: Surprised to Be Dead”

A 14-year-old narcissistic, street-fighting slacker Yusuke Urameshi dies an unlikely hero after he is hit by a car after saving a young child who was playing with a ball in the street. He soon learns that the child would have lived anyway and that the Spirit World was not expecting him to die. For this reason, he […]