Yu Yu Hakusho – “S1 E3: Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men”

Yu Yu Hakusho

“Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men”

Yusuke discovers that Kuwabara has been forced by a cruel and corrupt teacher into a policy of strict nonviolence for a week, having the risk of one of his own friends losing his after-school job and being unable to support his family. The teacher, witnessing Kuwabara’s determination to keep his promise (going so far as not to offer resistance whenever he is harassed by punks), then puts an additional stipulation that Kuwabara must score 50% or higher on the upcoming physical science exam. Yusuke later helps him study by communicating to him in his dreams. Kuwabara becomes furious after the teacher attempts to alter his passing grade, yet Yusuke is able to prevent his violence. The teacher is forced to change the paperback under the orders of Principal Takenaka, and Kuwabara’s friend keeps his job, with Kuwabara thanking Yusuke.