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November 15

X Minus One – “Hello, Tomorrow”

The year is 4195.  After the third atomic war mankind was forced to eke out its existence underground in tightly controlled communities.  Hundreds of years have passed and a geneticist finds something startling. X Minus One – “Hello, Tomorrow” –  February 29, 1956  

November 14

Inner Sanctum Mysteries – “Death in the Depths”

Steve, a deep-sea diver is being blackmailed into performing a job for some shady characters.  Steve must conquer his fear as he is lowered into the deep dark depths of the sea where he remembers events from his past that forced him out of retirement. Inner Sanctum Mystery – “Deth in the Depths” – February 6, […]

November 07

Suspense – “Will You Walk Into My Parlor”

Unfortunately, only about 15 minutes of this program exists.  It’s even an honor to have these old gems preserved, even if only in a piece.  If you have any information where we could get our hands on the entire episode, the Old Time Radio fandom will be eternally grateful to you! Suspense – “Will You […]

November 05

Buck Rogers and the 25th Century – “Willie Crash Lands His Rocket Roadster”

The plot is in the title folks!  🙂 Buck Rogers and the 25th Century – “Willie Crash Lands His Rocket Roadster” – April 24th, 1939

May 01

Frankenstein (1931 Universal Studios Film)

A true riveting classic in the truest sense in horror movies.  Universal Studios floating on the success of Dracula continued the fright fest with their rendition of Frankenstein in 1931.  Directed by James Whale and adapted from the Mary Shelley play about a mad-scientist who exhumes corpses to build a new man.  However, there was […]

February 23

The Adventures of Superman – “Horatio F. Horn Detective Pt. 3”

Lois and Horn take Clarks cart o go to Maple Lodge while Clark stayed and talked with Bill Henderson. Lois and Horn drive into a storm and crashes off a bridge into a raging river. Only Superman man rescue them but without Clark knowing will he be able to save the day? The Adventures of […]

February 22

The Shadow – “Death from the Deep”

There is a submarine sinking ships and killing sailors. Peoples cargo are disappearing and nobody wants to ship anything overseas anymore making business hard. The Shadow has to put an end to these pirates or they will make it impossible for shipping companies to make money and run their business. Will the Shadow put an […]

February 21

Suspense – “The Pit and the Pendulum”

The suspense episode was adapted from an Edgar Allan Poe story. The narrator has to sit before seven judges that wants to torture him. As our narrator is waiting for his trial for death he can’t help but imagine the horror he is going through. The narrator soon becomes obsessed with the thought of it. […]

February 20

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – “Willie and Black Barney are Testing Dr. Huer’s New Invention”

Someone stole their spaceship with one of Dr. Huer’s new inventions. They found out someone may have broken in and ransacked the laboratory and did it quick. Meanwhile, they are looking for clues Willie and Barney find themselves testing Dr. Huer’s new invention on accident. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – “Willie and Black […]

February 19

X Minus One – “Shanghaied”

A man ends up on a spaceship right before his wedding. Jeff has been drugged and kidnapped only to be put on this ship that is getting st for liftoff. He will be forced to work as a crew member on this ship for 15 years unless he stops it. Will he stop the spaceship […]

February 15

The Adventures of Superman – “Horatio F. Horn Detective Pt. 2”

Clark, Lois, and Horn go out to find Professor Sturgeon and come across his butler Breckenridge tied up. They untie him and ask the whereabouts of Professor Sturgeon to find out that he has been kidnapped by Doctor Leon Carlos during a fight. Will Clark, Lois, and Horn find Professor Sturgeon and save him? The Adventures […]

February 14

The Shadow – “The Hypnotized Audience”

The governor has vanished. Has the governor been kidnapped or has he completely vanished without a trace. Can the Shadow find the governor safe and solve the mystery of his disappearance?   The Shadow – “The Hypnotized Audience” – March 27, 1938  

February 10

Witch Hunter Robin – “Episode 1: Replacement”

Robin Sena arrives at the STN-J’s Raven’s Flat office in Tokyo a little earlier than expected, and is mistaken for “one of Amon’s girls”, so is told to go away. The STN-J’s witch hunting team discuss the previous night’s hunt and capture of Kent Nishihama who, under interrogation, had claimed to have acquired his power from his […]

February 10

Yu Yu Hakishu – “Episode 1: Surprised to Be Dead”

A 14-year-old narcissistic, street-fighting slacker Yusuke Urameshi dies an unlikely hero after he is hit by a car after saving a young child who was playing with a ball in the street. He soon learns that the child would have lived anyway and that the Spirit World was not expecting him to die. For this reason, he […]

February 10

Record of Lodoss War – “Episode 1: Prologue to the Legend”

A group of adventurers, Parn the knight, Deedlit the elf, Ghim the dwarf, Woodchuck the thief, Slayn the wizard, and Etoh the cleric, enter the ruins of a great dwarven hall. After fending off an attack by gargoyles, they continue further into the hall, certain they are not alone. Deedlit is caught in a trap, […]

February 10

Legend of the Galactic Heroes – “S1 Episode 1: In the Eternal Night”

January 1, 796 S.C. / 487 I.C.: in the Astate star system, 20,000 spaceships of the Imperial fleet under Reinhard von Lohengramm’s command is about to be cornered by three Alliance fleets of 13,000 spaceships each. Against the advice of his subordinates, Reinhard decides to strike first in order to defeat each fleet before they can join. […]

February 09

Black Friday (1940 Full Movie)

George Kingsley was run over while crossing the street by a speeding gangster.  Before his imminent death his best friend and mad scientist, Dr. Ernest Sovac thought he would be a good friend and replace the damaged parts of George’s brain with that of the gangster that ran him over. Eventually, something terrible happens.  George […]

February 09

Dracula – “Chapter 25” by Bram Stoker

CHAPTER XXV DR. SEWARD’S DIARY 11 October, Evening.—Jonathan Harker has asked me to note this, as he says he is hardly equal to the task, and he wants an exact record kept. I think that none of us were surprised when we were asked to see Mrs. Harker a little before the time of sunset. […]

February 09

X Minus One – Cold Equations

Aboard an Emergency Dispatch Ship, a pilot named Barton is headed for the planet Woden. Shortly after leaving Barton discovers a young woman hiding in the stowaway hitching a ride to Woden to see her husband. Barton realized keeping her on the ship has ruined the mission by adding weight and not having enough fuel […]

February 08

Albino Farm (2009 Full Film)

If ever you come across a town out in the middle of nowhere called Shiloh and an old blind gas station owner tells you a creepy legend of creepy mutated religious fanatics lacking skin pigmentation you should probably just keep on driving.  Too bad Stacy, Melody, Sanjay, and Brian never got the memo. They nearly […]

February 08

Dracula – “Chapter 24” by Bram Stoker

CHAPTER XXIV DR. SEWARD’S PHONOGRAPH DIARY, SPOKEN BY VAN HELSING THIS to Jonathan Harker. You are to stay with your dear Madam Mina. We shall go to make our search—if I can call it so, for it is not search but knowing, and we seek confirmation only. But do you stay and take care of her […]

February 08

Inner Sanctum – Death is a Joker

A man was deeply in love with his friend Julie. Julie was way out of this man’s league and knowing the truth drove him to murder his friend Robert. He is forced to cover his trail, regretting his mistake of uncontrolled anger. “Inner Sanctum” – Death is a Joke” – June 10, 1944

February 07

Curse of the Puppet Master – (1998 Full Movie)

The sixth installment of the Puppet Master franchise, the Curse of the Puppet Master was a direct-to-video release and explores what happens when you place the soul of a human and turn them into a demonically charged super puppet.  Nothing could go wrong with that of course.  Monsanto could only wish for such success I’m sure! […]

February 07

Dracula – “Chapter 23” by Bram Stoker

CHAPTER XXIII DR. SEWARD’S DIARY 3 October.—The time seemed terrible long whilst we were waiting for the coming of Godalming and Quincey Morris. The Professor tried to keep our minds active by using them all the time. I could see his beneficent purpose, by the side glances which he threw from time to time at […]

February 07

The Adventures of Superman – Horatio F. Horn Detective pt. 1

A detective name Horatio F. Horn has intercepted a telegram in Greenrun, Ohio. The telegram was meant for a man named Perry White. Horatio brings up the fact that the code of the telegram may be a threat. Clark and Louis must try to figure out the mystery of this Telegram. “The Adventures of Superman” […]

February 06

Aenigma (1987 Full Film)

Today we visit St. Mary’s College for girls, where we follow Kathy, who keeps to herself and is socially awkward.  However, her life will take a serious turn for the dramatic and horrible.  Kathy would become the victim of a practical joke that was played on her by a group of assholes and a CrossFit gym […]

February 06

Dracula – “Chapter 22” by Bram Stoker

CHAPTER XXII JONATHAN HARKER’S JOURNAL 3 October.—As I must do something or go mad, I write this diary. It is now six o’clock, and we are to meet in the study in half an hour and take something to eat; for Dr. Van Helsing and Dr. Seward are agreed that if we do not eat […]

February 06

The Shadow – “The White Legion”

A man named William Deven has been kidnapped and murdered. The White Legion accused William of conspiring against the group and they killed him in retaliation. When the news reaches  Lamont Cranston, he has learned that the White Legion is a group of villains and they are threatening a man named Alton Parker for prosecuting […]

October 31

Halloween Edition: The Devil Rides Out (1968 Hammer Full Film)

Every Halloween we all dress up as ghouls, ghosts, slashers, zombies, werewolves, & vampires.  Something about our past keeps coming back each and every year to remind us of the one night a year that it’s okay to love being scared and to have fun with it.  But who is the scariest monster of them […]

July 26

Flash Gordon – “Azura Regains Memory” & “Flash, Still Invisible, Escapes”

Flash Gordon – “Azura Regains Memory”, August 24th, 1935 Flash Gordon – “Flash, Still Invisible, Escapes”, August 31st, 1935