The Mad Magician (1954 Full Movie)


It seems even Magicians are victims of copyright infringement.  Don Gallico, played by legendary actor Vincent Price, dons the magician’s cape and devil curls to bring life into an early 3D film that Price is perfect for.  During the unveiling of a new magic, trick lawyers show up with an injunction forbidding him from using the Buzzsaw trick.  

Gallico was screwed by his own company.  Even though Gallico created the trick his employer, Illusions Inc., takes his work and claims it as their own and shuts him down and claiming ownership to everything he owns except “for the air he breathes.”  Thus setting up the motive for revenge and a bloody plot!

Mary Murphy and Eva Gabor join him in this classic film.  The movie is great fun and is a role that you can tell Vincent enjoyed!