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January 27

A Mystery of the Compagna (1891 Short Story)

A Mystery of the Compagna, written by Anne Crawford, is a old tale form the Victorian era.  Originally written under the pseudonym Von Degen it would be the only book that Anne Crawford would go on to write.  Her sister, F. Marion Crawford, would be the more famous writer while Anne would go on to […]

January 05

The Last Lords of Gardonal (1867 Short Story)

A fantastic, pre-Dracula, cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for!  Written by William Gilbert in 1867, the story was usually published with various anthologies of spooky nature.  The Last Lords of Gardonal definitely brings “Damn that’s scary!” back to literature. The Last Lords of Gardonal will take about two or three hours to […]

November 23

The Good Lady Ducayne (1869 Short Story)

  Written by Mary Elizabeth Braddon, The Good Lady Ducayne is a short story written way back before vampires were cool.  Vampires kinda have a lame name now, being over used and over abused, but M E Braddon knew how to write subtle prose to give a person chills in this vampiric short story of […]