The Last Lords of Gardonal (1867 Short Story)


A fantastic, pre-Dracula, cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for!  Written by William Gilbert in 1867, the story was usually published with various anthologies of spooky nature.  The Last Lords of Gardonal definitely brings “Damn that’s scary!” back to literature.

The Last Lords of Gardonal will take about two or three hours to read.  Gilbert will take you on a roller coaster ride of action and political intrigue while at the same time slamming you with scary climax.  The story is perfect for a Saturday evening by a fireplace!

The book is set in the creepy countryside and spooky castle complete with a handsome despotic Baron, free of charge.  The Baron rules over his people with an iron fist, high taxes, and a police state.  That however isn’t enough to stop him from falling in love with a young beautiful woman.

So what does a despotic Baron do when you want to win the heart of the woman you want to marry?  Why you go on a killing spree of course!  And once the killing spree is over, you blame it’s failure on your lieutenant and all is well…for awhile.

This story definitely is warning you about getting what you wish for.  Sometimes you have to go to an mystical astrologist for help but does that help come with a price?  And is the price too high?

You’ll have to read it for yourself, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this classic tale.  It’s only three chapters!  So pick it up today!