A Mystery of the Compagna (1891 Short Story)


A Mystery of the Compagna, written by Anne Crawford, is a old tale form the Victorian era.  Originally written under the pseudonym Von Degen it would be the only book that Anne Crawford would go on to write.  Her sister, F. Marion Crawford, would be the more famous writer while Anne would go on to be a painter.

Even though it’s her only story, Anne Crawford delivers a tale that is definitely scary and sets it’s story in Italy.  Using beautiful imagery, setting, and plot pacing you could easily finish this story in a couple hours or sooner.

The story is well written and pretty damn scary but it doesn’t take long to know what monster you’re dealing with.  The hero has to put on a chase of the monster and the story has no shortage of action and has a pretty explosive ending.

Like most Victorian fiction though you don’t get to end on a cliffhanger.  The ending kinda draws out while everything is explained in it’s aftermath but it’s still quite enjoyable.   So pick up A Mystery of the Compagna today and add it to your compilations of classic horror!