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January 19

Midnight Mass (Movie Review)

Midnight Mass is one of my life’s biggest regrets. I can watch anything. I can enjoy many movies, books, works of art, etc. I can do this by examining them and searching for an underlying feeling. Any art makes you feel something. I can find something redeeming in just about anything. I’ve seen this movie […]

December 23

Drive Angry (2011 Movie Review)

Drive Angry is an awesome throwback to grind house movies. It’s simple, basic, and over the top in everything. Nicholas Cage, the king of over the top roles, is our lead John Milton. The film opens up with Milton breaking out of Hell by stealing a car! I don’t actually want to spoil the plot […]

December 22

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens (Review)

Well after 30 years of waiting I have decided that they got the title for the movie half wrong.  It was a good strong title yes, but I can think of a few that would probably best fit the movie if you have not yet seen it.  I’m partial to calling it A New Hope […]

December 08

Circle (2015 Movie Review)

Ever wake up in a dark room with 49 other people and learn that you have kill each other off through a democratic process and hope to be the last survivor?  You mix alien abduction, democratic strategy, and lots of social issues and you get this fantastic edge of your seat film!  It is a […]

October 03

Re-Animator (1985 Film) Review

Re-animator (1985) is a cult classic that is a rare gory treat for for horror movie enthusiasts. It’s loosely based off of H. P. Lovecraft‘s “Herbert West—Reanimator,” that was published in 1922. The short story was the first story to introduce zombies as uncontrollable scientifically re-animated corpses. I honestly believe that this movie, as well […]

September 18

Bunraku (2010 Film) Review

Bunraku, was written and directed by Guy Moshe (of 2006’s Holly). It’s set in a post-nuclear-war world in which guns have been banned.  Banned by who? One of the many unexplained plot holes in the film and are basically left for you to figure out. Most all violence in Bunraku is carried out with mostly melee […]

September 11

Akira (1988 Film) Movie Review

No other movie can be responsible for Western anime fandom than the epic classic Akira.  A 1988 film that should have been dated still feels as crisp and awesomely mind-blowing as the first day it was on the silver screen.   Even though years have gone on, the effects of Akira‘s legacy is still felt […]

May 26

47 Ronin (2013 Film) Review

I love Samurai flicks!  I love Samurai stories!  I love Samurai mythology!  For a long period of my life I ate, drank, and peed Samurai mythology.  Those Japanese know how to tell a story!  That being said: No other story is more crucial to a country’s national identity than the story of the 47 Ronin.  […]